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Teletrac Navman appoints new chief revenue officer  

In his new role as CRO at Teletrac Navman, Scoville will be responsible for all commercial operations and customer facing teams. 

Teletrac Navman announces new vice president of engineering 

Congrats to Boyd Machtolff on the new position.

The 3G sunsets on trailers, assets too

For some of you, it’s already too late. AT&T shutdown its 3G network late last month and for those fleets who use that network and hadn’t updated your telematics devices, when you rolled into the office and opened up your dashboards you likely saw … nothing. It likely even impacted your ELD reporting. Frankly, it’s

Axele delivers TMS software update featuring telematics integrations, driver safety, mapping, routing

Axele has announced the a software update for its Transportation Management System (TMS) which adds more ELD integrations, rate confirmation data extraction from fleets, driver safety improvements and new mapping and routing tools. Other improvements in the latest release include updates to Teams Module, Terminal Module, Factoring and Dashboard. The new features and enhancements for

Teletrac Navman tracks deadliest roads in U.S. in report

Teletrac Navman has ranked the most dangerous highways in America by assessing four years of fatality rates over certain stretches of highway and calculating the number of vehicle-related deaths per mile. Interstate-4 in Florida – specifically the 132.2 miles connecting Tampa to Daytona Beach – is the only roadway in the report averaging more than

Teletrac Navman introduces Electric Vehicle Readiness Tool

Teletrac Navman has introduced the Electric Vehicle Readiness Tool, aimed at supporting fleet operators with the move over to electric vehicles. The company says the web-based, automated A.I. tool integrates with the Teletrac Navman advanced suite of fleet management and tracking platforms and analyzes all telematics data to provide operators with detailed recommendations of where

What happens when you ask your telematics platform a question and it gives you an answer?

Using truck telematics to improve your fleet operations always begins with a question. The continuing challenge of technology is to make finding the data you need to answer that question approachable. During a telematics demo with Teletrac Navman, the telematics service provider showed off its natural language search function. What does that mean? It means

Natural Language Fleet Telematics Data Analytics Generic
How to use real-time truck telematics

There is a lot you can do with truck telematics, but what should you do? The problem is that the answer to that question is specific to every fleet. Maybe you need to focus on improving your fuel economy. Maybe you need to improve driver safety. Maybe you need to keep an eye on your

Teletrac Navman launches A.I.-based predictive telematics platform

Teletrac Navman has released the TN360, which the company says delivers telematics functionalities in real time to provide businesses with predictive and actionable insights. TN360, the company says, uses a scalable cloud ecosystem that connects data from sensors, cameras, mobile and third-party applications in real time and translates raw signals into context. A.I.-enabled cameras can

Podcast: The role of telematics in a changing world

Despite everything that’s going on with the Coronavirus, trucks have had to keep running. And they rely on telematics to do that. In this episode I spoke with Sid Nair, head of product management and UX at Teletrac Navman, about the role of telematics providers in helping fleets through these times, and about other innovations

A look back at year one of the ELD mandate

When the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration (FMCSA) published the ELD Final Rule in 2015, fleets and carriers had two years to prepare for the switch from paper logs to electronic logging devices (ELDs). Despite this timeline, many in the transportation industry weren’t fully prepared for the December 2017 deadline and experienced culture shock

Mitigating weather woes with mapping, predictive software

One of the most important aspects of fleet management is addressing the variables that come with the territory of hauling freight and running trucks on the road. Trucks’ journeys are inherently prone to downtime, unexpected maintenance and other issues. One of the biggest variables for fleets is weather, and anyone who has driven in severe