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Efforts to stop truck CPC module thefts continue

WGAL News 8, an NBC affiliate in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, broke the story in early April: “Police are investigating the theft of computer modules stolen from trucks ready to go up for auction in Lancaster County. Hess Auctioneers in Marietta said the modules are worth thousands of dollars.” At the time, the company was getting ready

Counter cargo theft with the right insurance

Cargo theft is a very real threat. Right now, trailer loads are likely under surveillance. Organized crime rings record routes, watch truck stops, monitor driver and fleet behavior that leaves trailers unsecured and then they pounce. These aren’t smash and grabs where the perps hope they get lucky. These are well-timed, orchestrated events that target

Telematics can solve freight cargo’s theft problem

There are few things that thieves appreciate more than high-value products bundled and neatly packed away in easily identifiable containers, making trucks a tempting target for cargo theft. Regrettably, the value of cargo theft keeps increasing every year. While the figures vary, cargo theft in the US runs anywhere between $15 and $35 billion annually,

PACCAR MX-13 engine secures theft prevention feature for Peterbilt trucks

Peterbilt now offers a new anti-theft system for its Models 579 and 567 equipped with PACCAR MX-13 engines, providing customers with an extra layer of security. “The anti-theft system integrates with the MX-13 Engine and the vehicle’s Driver Information Center to require operators to enter a unique passcode to start the truck,” says Peterbilt Chief

Peterbilt PACCAR Engine