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Five maintenance tips to keep your refrigeration unit running

There’s a lot that goes into ensuring the safe and successful transport of temperature-sensitive goods. But there’s one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about: the reliability of your refrigeration unit. Completing an annual inspection, following the maintenance inspection schedule, and adhering to a pre-trip inspection before every load are just a few tips to

Thermo King announces electrification investment

Thermo King says it will invest more than $100 million over the next three years to deliver a fully electric product in every segment of the cold chain by 2023. The company says its all-electric portfolio, branded Evolve, will include electric refrigeration solutions for truck, trailer, rail, air and marine transport in the North America,

Thermo King launches industry electrification council

Thermo King announced the launch of an industry council, which the company says is aimed at understanding the challenges behind a zero-emissions cold chain and developing a roadmap to an all-electric transport industry. The council is an online community made up of various-sized fleets including refrigerated and mixed-load trucks and trailers for long-haul, mid-mile and

Thermo King, ELMS Partner on all-electric refrigerated delivery vehicle prototype

To meet the growing demands for sustainable delivery solutions, Electric Last Mile Inc. (ELMS) and Thermo King, a strategic brand of Trane Technologies plc, announced plans to build an all-electric refrigerated delivery vehicle. As part of the collaboration, Thermo King will integrate its E-200 all-electric refrigeration unit into the ELMS’ Urban Delivery electric vehicle. This

The role for electric vans in last mile delivery

Here at Fleet Equipment, we’ve been covering electrification for a long time, and every time the subject comes up, without fail, one of the first questions asked is which applications will make the most sense for EVs. Again and again the answer comes back: last mile—and there are very good reasons for that. “Last-mile delivery

Podcast: Thermo King on the challenges and potential benefits of electrification

Electrification: it’s all the rage right now. OEMs are talking about it, component suppliers are talking about it, fleets are talking about it, and we’re certainly talking about it here on Fleet Equipment. There is a lot of excitement in the air, but also a lot of questions. And this was the subject of a

What barriers will your fleet face in the transition to zero emissions?

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) have the potential to offer several benefits to operators: lower fuel costs, reduced maintenance costs, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). However, there are still several barriers that must be overcome before the industry sees full adoption of BEVs and their benefits. These barriers include: Limited range Higher upfront cost

Thermo King launches air purification system for public buses

Thermo King has launched a new air purification solution for buses that the company says continuously purifies the air while the bus is in operation. Thermo King says its air purification solution has been independently tested and proven to be 98% effective in deactivating certain viruses, including a surrogate for the virus that causes COVID-19.

Hauling refrigerated goods in the winter

If you haul refrigerated products, keeping them cold in the summer is of obvious importance; but in the winter it gets tricky—because there is such a thing as too cold. “For optimal food quality as well as food safety, temperature control of perishable products is always important regardless of whether it’s hot or cold outside,”

Tips for reefer unit maintenance in the winter

Reefers equipped with transport refrigeration units (TRU) come with their own winter maintenance checklist. In addition to those mentioned above, here are a few reefer- and TRU-specific tips. “It’s essential to get units checked out before the cold sets in to ensure that the system is operating at full capacity,” recommend Scott Koch and Freddy

Thermo King, Envirotainer develop secure, temperature-controlled containers for COVID-19 vaccine

Thermo King and Envirotainer say they have designed active containers for the exacting requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. “When a vaccine is ready, the challenge for the pharmaceutical market will be getting it to the patient as fast as possible by maintaining the integrity of the cold chain,” said Francesco Incalza, president of Thermo King

Market outlook: Where the trucking industry stands in 2020 and beyond

As we are all aware, this has been a very bumpy, uneven year for the truck market, full of unexpected twists and turns. How your fleet has done largely depends on what kind of applications you run, and how much they were, or continue to be, affected by the pandemic and the related shutdowns. So