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Aftermarket warranty worries?

If you have concerns about warranties on aftermarket filters and mufflers, read on. According to the experts at Donaldson Co., there is no need to worry about voiding your warranty if you purchase aftermarket filters or mufflers. However, you still need to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance practices. Donaldson points out that the Magnuson-Moss Warranty

Inspections, lubrication are keys to lift maintenance

Lifts provide access to vehicles, enabling technicians to get more work done in less time, to maximize productivity and profitability. Proper lift maintenance practices will help provide a long service life. To keep vehicle lifts operating properly, good maintenance and inspection practices are crucial. Rotary Lift offers the following advice: • Read and follow the

Truck tire repair saves money

Tires are one of the largest equipment expenses facing fleet equipment managers, so it’s important to get the longest life possible out them. Retreading is one way that many fleets prolong the life of their tires. But many times a tire will encounter road debris that damages the tread section before the tire is ready

Air line thawing tips

During the winter, it’s not uncommon to come across air lines that are frozen. For thawing frozen air lines, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC gives the following do’s and don’ts: Do • Check the air dryer for proper operation, changing the desiccant cartridge and purge valve as necessary.• Thaw out frozen air lines and valves

Winterizing diesel fuel systems

Winter may be winding down in some parts of the country, bur some fleets may still find these tips from the “Power Fleet” section of Penray’s website (www.penray.com) useful. As you know, diesel fuel solidifies in winter weather. Fleets may experience an inconvenient, expensive engine shut-down unless they take preventative steps! Diesel fuel contains paraffins,

Belt alignment and tension myths dispelled

Poor belt adjustment has been identified as a leading contributor to component failure. With the increased heat under the hoods of vehicles, especially those with the 2007 emissions controls, this issue remains timely. Many myths contribute to the problem; Jim LeClaire, president of T.O.P. Inc. reporting in Horton Inc.’s Cooling Concepts, dispels some of these

Driveline inspection procedures

ArvinMeritor offers these suggestions to keep your drive shaft and U-joints functioning properly: 1. Check for excess tolerances before lubing application. Lube may mask, or hide excessive play and tolerances. 2. U-Joint maximum end play is .006 in.; more than that will result in failure. 3. Slip movement, up and down, maximum allowance is .017

Troubleshooting hydraulic hose

Hydraulic hose and fittings found on modern diesel trucks can have a limited service life that is directly dependent on the conditions to which they are applied. Continuous use of hydraulic components at maximum working pressure, maximum recommended operating temperature and minimum bend radius can lead directly to premature failure, which could result in damage

Managing $4 diesel

The U.S. average price for diesel is over $4 a gallon and rising, with fill-ups hitting $1,200 or more. It’s now more important than ever to reduce fuel consumption. And less diesel consumed means less CO2 emitted to the atmosphere. One place to find improved fuel economy starts with resetting the engine electronic parameters. Ed

Servicing vehicles after floods

Due to the recent flooding in the Midwest, ArvinMeritor’s technical publications department is providing service bulletins to repair commercial vehicle components damaged by flood water. A special webpage, www.arvinmeritor.com/products/truckandtrailer/submerged_systems.asp, links visitors to two related bulletins, some key points of which are shown here (see website for details): Axles: Rear Drive/Front Drive Steer 1. Remove and

Choosing the right lift

According to the experts at Rotary Lift, when remodeling or building a new heavy-duty maintenance shop, a major factor to consider is which style of lifts to install. Inground lifts have been the top choice for heavy-duty vehicle maintenance for more than 80 years, but surface lifts are growing in popularity. For maximum productivity, inground

Electrical system checkup

According to Kenworth Truck Co. engineers, battery woes are common in winter, but what the people in the battery business know is that summer weakens a battery. Heat is what really damages batteries, with the increased demand of cold-weather cranking finishing the job. Here are some quick tips to help keep batteries and electrical systems