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Tech Tip: Cable support for combination assemblies

For the best cable support for most combination assembly setups, Phillips Industries recommends that you use two separate tender spring assemblies instead of one. The spiral design of coiled cables expands and contracts like a spring as the truck moves, but this is not the case with straight cables. Instead, the movement of straight air

Making electrical maintenance connections when the season shifts

As we move from winter to spring, your vehicle maintenance checklist will begin to change to match the season–there will be fewer worries about components or parts freezing, but new issues may spring up (if you’ll pardon the pun) in their place. For this Tech Tip, FE spoke with Kyle O’Dell, director of engineering for

Cold weather starting tips for truck batteries

The colder the battery is, the less efficient it is.

Wheel ends in the winter: What you need to know

Safety systems like full stability and collision mitigation can be valuable on winter roads, but they perform at their best only when the brakes at the wheel-ends are also in peak condition to deliver stopping power.

Cutting repair time: Using induction heating for fleet maintenance

An effective system of tracking and implementing preventative maintenance can reduce the amount of time that trucks are out of service. That’s why tools and technologies that can reduce the amount of time spent on routine maintenance and repairs are in demand in the maintenance of heavy-duty trucks. And increasingly, induction heating tools are part of the mix.

Ready for winter: Truck air line inspection/replacement tips

Air lines should be inspected for damage to avoid failure on the road.

Timely tip: The importance of a quality spring

Quality cable support is important because low hanging air and electrical cables are susceptible to damage, leading to safety issues and/or DOT violations—which also become a CSA issue.

How to avoid truck parts failure ‘gotchas’

Fleets and drivers can prevent key air system and brake components from failing due to improper maintenance practices, helping to keep vehicles on the road and in good operating condition.

Why the wrong truck alternator could lead to unwanted downtime

The modern commercial diesel engine relies on precise, reliable flows of fuel, air and coolant to do its job. What you don’t want flowing through your engine, however, is stray electrical current that can quickly destroy internal components and wreak havoc on sophisticated electronics. These stray amps are coming from computer-controlled direct injection to driver-assist

Keep your truck air systems thawed and working properly

Winter is very much upon us. Across the country we’ve already seen record-setting cold temperatures on several occasions. If your trucks run routes in cold-weather areas it’s important to be prepared for what might happen during the winter. Air systems are one particularly affected part of the truck in the winter. Below are four tips

How wide base tires can impact axle maintenance

Chances are, you don’t think too much about axles unless there is a particular problem. Wheels and tires are another matter altogether. For one thing, wheels and tires are visible to everyone who sees the vehicle. They are attention-getters even from people not involved in the industry. Plus, nice wheels make the truck look good,

Engine diagnostics: Don’t forget to ask questions

The truck rolls in with a diagnostic trouble code light on. The chances are good that the first thing a technician will do is grab a scan tool and see what code or codes have set. However, it’s important to also remember the most basic diagnostic step: asking questions. Asking the driver questions about the