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Tire Industry Association adding series of free fleet tire safety webinars

After a six-week run of tire service training webinars for passenger and light truck tires, the Tire Industry Association (TIA) is adding a three-week series of free online video conference webinars in July directed at fleets that use mounted tire programs and the commercial tire dealers who provide those services. The webinars, which will run

Dig into tire details during maintenance

The importance of scrap tire analysis cannot be overlooked, and oftentimes an analysis will provide a valuable but easily implemented fix in your tire maintenance practices to help improve tire life. There are several resources on scrap tire analysis that fleets should consult. TMC produces both the Tire Conditions Analysis Guide and the TMC Radial

Tire forensics: The importance of scrap tire analysis

Though it may look like junk to the untrained eye, a used tire can actually be a useful source of information and a way for fleets to recoup major savings. Analyzing scrap tires can offer a number of critical insights to help maximize miles and minimize down time and wasted opportunities to retread a casing.

Tire safety first—and make it last

The word “safety,” and certainly detailed discussion about tire safety, usually quiets meetings and tends to put serious expressions on most faces—as it well should. Truck tire servicing can be very dangerous, even fatal. Tire mounting, demounting, jacking, and securing vehicles for tire/wheel servicing injure or kill technicians with surprising frequency. Sadly, nearly all of

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TIA-sponsored TRIB video explains true causes of rubber on the road

The Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB), with the Tire Industry Association (TIA), has launched a video explaining the true causes of rubber on the roads. The video will be displayed at trade shows TRIB attends and be offered to news outlets to help dispel one of the continuing myths of retreading, the association