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Tracking truck tire inflation can pay dividends

According to the Technology & Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association (ATA), a constant 20% underinflation in a commercial vehicle tire increases tread wear by 25% and reduces the tire lifetime by 30%. This results in significant increase in tire costs for a fleet. It also increases fuel costs. Underinflation of just 10 PSI

Capturing truck tire data during service: Why it matters and how you do it

Controlling tire cost is likely one of the biggest bullet points on your service to-do list. Despite daily checks and PM practices, unplanned tire service events still happen. Sometimes they can’t be avoided, but oftentimes they can be if you’re looking at the right data. It’s imperative that you are capturing the right tire during

Summer time tire troubles

The summer months of July and August can take a serious toll on your tires. Treadwear is more rapid because of the combination of higher ambient and higher road surface temperatures, and heat has always been a tire’s worst enemy. Maintaining proper tire pressures is always important to maximize treadwear, fuel economy, and retreadability. In

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What’s the best pressure for the tires in your fleet?

Choosing the recommended tire pressure specification seems like a very simple process. There are load/inflation tables published by all the tire companies and easily found on their respective websites. Recommended tire pressure should always be based on the worst case load scenario for your vehicle. Even if you are running fully loaded only 10% of

What's the best tire pressure for your fleet?
Understanding truck tires and air pressure

Since loads vary by wheel position, using the load/inflation tables published by any tire manufacturer will determine the proper tire pressure based on the specific load.