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Wherefore art thou, vocational truck retreads?

Retread tires and vocational trucks: Is it just me or is there a bit of a “Romeo and Juliet” quality to this tale – sort of a “we want to be together, but what will our fleet families think” kind of vibe? And, when that truck happens to be one working in one of the

How retreaders have survived the pandemic

As the curtains closed on 2019, retreading companies were feeling generally optimistic about their expectations for the new decade. The U.S. retread industry was in the upswing, bouncing back from a challenging few years in the commercial truck tire sector, and all signs pointed to continued progress, says David Stevens, managing director for the Tire

Closing the retread gap for commercial trucks

Tire manufacturers are constantly exploring ways to make the retread process more cost-effective while increasing productivity.

TIA-sponsored TRIB video explains true causes of rubber on the road

The Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB), with the Tire Industry Association (TIA), has launched a video explaining the true causes of rubber on the roads. The video will be displayed at trade shows TRIB attends and be offered to news outlets to help dispel one of the continuing myths of retreading, the association