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Answering your tire pressure management questions

You’ve heard the stats: tires are the second-highest annual cost for the average fleet, behind fuel; and a major component of that is tire pressure. But why is that, and what can you do about it? FE spoke with many major players in the truck tire industry to answer your biggest questions about tire pressure

An overview of the TPMS and ATIS offerings

There is a wide variety of tire inflation technology available, both in TPMS and ATIS form. Let’s take a quick look at some of the offerings.

The ins and outs of trailer tire inflation technology

One of the biggest culprits behind tire costs, if not the biggest, is improper inflation, which is why many fleets turn to technology to help avoid these problems and save money and time.

TireStamp launches TireVigil Cloud TPMS monitoring feature

One of the biggest problems fleets have reported with using tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) is not knowing when their systems stop working, according to TireStamp, which announced the launch of its TireVigil Cloud’s TPMS 2.0 service. The types of TPMS equipment problems that can occur include: sensors that are missing, damaged or have dead or low

TireStamp launches TireVigil cloud savings dashboard

TireStamp Inc. has launched a new dashboard that provides users of the company’s TireVigil cloud TPMS monitoring system with information about the savings they are achieving. The calculations are based on the fleets’ own tire maintenance performance data and costs. This dashboard complements the existing Maintenance Dashboard that visually summarizes a fleet’s tire maintenance performance

TireStamp TPMS cloud service aids Hurricane Irma victims

TireStamp reported that its TireVigil Cloud Service, a truck tire monitoring system, enabled 5366 Logistics fleet owner Dan Bitton to successfully deliver medical supplies to Florida hospitals in the wake of Hurricane Irma. On the night of Sept. 8, Bitton received a request from a Chicago-headquartered international medical supply corporation to assist in the delivery

TireStamp introduces TireVigil cloud service

TireStamp Inc. announced that it has updated, enhanced and redesigned its previous TPMS product line to the TireVigil Cloud Service brand. “By connecting every vehicle to the cloud and knowing how long tires can run before they reach catastrophic alert levels, en-route tire-related breakdowns are eliminated, operations is not disrupted unnecessarily, tread wear and casing

TPMS systems provide CSA violation prevention benefits

Fleet managers are under increased equipment performance pressure, not the least of which comes from ensuring that their trucks on the road meet all CSA standards. Violations can quickly add up, and improperly inflated tires—especially flat and blown tires—can be a red flag for enforcement officers. That’s where tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), as well