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Alcoa rolls out new dual valve wheel

Alcoa Wheels has launched a new forged aluminum Dual Valve wheel, which the company says contains a second valve stem allowing the TPMS sensor to operate on one valve while air pressure is serviced on the other. It was developed in collaboration with Doran Manufacturing. “The sensor that goes on the valve stem is a

Yes, it’s another story about truck tire inflation (and yes, it’s that important)

You’d think after the litany of tire inflation stories that Fleet Equipment has churned out over the decades, there would be nothing left to say about it. Yet, inflation-related issues continue to plague fleet maintenance budgets, be it through lost efficiency due to under- or over-inflation or in tire failures or early tire pulls, prematurely

It’s National Tire Safety Week: Here are some tire pressure tips

Proper tire pressure matters so much. With National Tire Safety Week 2021 coming up, the following tips from Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems remind fleets and owner-operators across North America just how big an impact the air in your tires has on how much fuel you burn, how much downtime you risk and the effectiveness of

SAF-Holland launches SMAR-te Tire Pilot

SAF-Holland has launched SMAR-te Tire Pilot. According to the company, it is an intelligent tire management system that is engineered to specifically work with SAF integrated suspension systems. The system was developed in partnership with AKTV8 LLC, combining patented electro-pneumatic controls with the SAF Tire Pilot Plus tire pressure management system (TPMS), which was engineered

Continental highlights ContiPressureCheck Solo

Continental offers a full portfolio of digital tire monitoring systems to meet different fleet needs. Components of all systems can be combined to take advantage of different functionalities. Tire monitoring solutions include the ContiPressureCheck on-vehicle TPMS and ContiConnect Yard digital tire monitoring system with web portal. ContiPressureCheck Solo, a trailer TPMS system, is the company’s

Continental details new intelligent truck tire offering

Conti HSR 3, Continental’s newest steer tire, is a regional steer tire delivering excellent mileage with scrub resistance. It will replace the HSR2 in regional steer usage, delivering higher mileage than the predecessor. The Conti HSR 3 is built on the Conti 3G casing for improved durability and retreadability, essential elements for delivering the lowest

Aperia Technologies expands Halo Connect functionality

Aperia Technologies Inc. announced an expansion of Halo Connect, its tire analytics platform that aims to enable commercial fleets to reduce unplanned tire-related downtime. Introduced in limited quantities earlier this year, Halo Connect now features vehicle location and service insights, in addition to tire tread depth and replacement tracking. Halo Connect leverages proprietary algorithms trained

P.S.I., Meritor discuss GHG legislation, rising fuel costs at annual event

Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.) and Meritor recently invited fleet and service managers and members of the media to its annual fleet technology event to discuss the benefits of their Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) and show how adopting this technology can benefit fleets preparing to face rising fuel costs and upcoming greenhouse gas emissions legislation.

The ins and outs of trailer tire inflation technology

One of the biggest culprits behind tire costs, if not the biggest, is improper inflation, which is why many fleets turn to technology to help avoid these problems and save money and time.

Advances in tire-monitoring technology help mitigate premature wear

The well-known benefits of tire pressure monitoring and automatic tire inflation systems have lead to their steady adoption by fleets.

Continental ContiPressureCheck system now available on Geotab Marketplace

Continental announced that its ContiPressureCheck TPMS system is now available on the Geotab Marketplace. The ContiPressureCheck system helps fleets avoid tire-related breakdowns and costs associated with unplanned downtime by providing real-time data, the company explained. Tire temperature and pressure data that is captured via the ContiPressureCheck system is transmitted through Geotab’s GO device and provides

Continental’s ContiTrack2 reaches one million commercial tires measured

Continental has announced that its ContiTrack2 Bluetooth-enabled digital inspection tool has reached the milestone of one million tires measured in the U.S. and Canada. The tool and associated software program, introduced in 2012, identifies and tracks a commercial tire’s tread wear and tire pressure in real time. Tread depth, air pressure, mismatched dual tires, and irregular