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Kinedyne engineers winches that integrate with HD load securement straps

Kinedyne LLC has introduced new winches with a working load limit (WLL) of 6,670 lbs., consistent with the 6,670-lb. WLL of its Rhino Max and K-Force winch straps.

Watch: Don’t neglect your trailer tires

Drivers don’t feel trailer tires in the same way that they do tractor tires, so even though it might not be on purpose, the fact is that it’s just easier to not think much about trailer tire inflation. They are, unfortunately, easy to neglect. But, this is a mistake!

Q&A: Adopting an integrated strategy for fleet lighting

For heavy-duty truck fleet managers aiming to maximize safety, productivity, and profitability while minimizing downtime and the cost of doing business, having an integrated strategy for tractor-trailer lighting is key.

Stoughton Trailers receives Flowers Family Foundation’s Wisconsin Business Achievement Award

The Flowers Family Foundation presented its sixth annual Wisconsin Business Achievement Award to Stoughton Trailers, LLC. The award recognizes the Stoughton, Wis. manufacturer of over-the-road semitrailers for its positive influence on the state economy.

Watch: The future of trailer tracking solutions

Software companies that create the trailer tracking systems fleet managers are familiar with know that having the ability to see the real-time location and status of your trailers can have a direct impact on your business’s productivity. So, we caught up with some of these companies to ask: What trailer tracking solutions are coming in the near future?

Ready for winter: Truck air line inspection/replacement tips

Air lines should be inspected for damage to avoid failure on the road.

Truck-Lite adds volumetric cargo system to Road Ready service

Truck-Lite Co. has added a volumetric cargo system to its Road Ready trailer telematics offerings.

Hendrickson launches Watchman trailer wheel-end sensing technology

Hendrickson has introduced Watchman advanced wheel-end sensor technology for trailers that operates on the vehicle area network developed by Sensata Technologies. The initial product offering will include trailer tire pressure monitoring, wheel-end temperature and wheel-end vibration data that will be communicated to the fleet through the tractor telematics system pulling the trailer.

Hendrickson introduces new tire pressure control system

Hendrickson has introduced Tiremaax Pro-LB, a next-generation update of the Tiremaax Pro trailer tire inflation system. Tiremaax Pro-LB adds the ability to adjust tire pressure based on load.

Thermo King unveils lighter transport refrigeration unit

Thermo King introduced the SLXi Local transport refrigeration unit (TRU) that is up to 200 lbs lighter than other TRUs to increase payload capacity. “The Thermo King SLXi Local is ideal for urban distribution. Distributors can’t fill their trailer to capacity due to weight restrictions when transporting heavy cargo products like milk and water,” said

Thermo King launches training program for food banks

To support the shift to more nutritionally-focused models, Thermo King has announced plans to provide pro bono training to food banks through it’s We Move Food program.

FTR reports a rebound in trailer orders in September

FTR reports preliminary trailer orders for September at 19,000 units, the highest since February.