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Transflo ramps up ELD production to meet replacement needs

Transflo, provider of a mobile and cloud-based platform that drives connectivity, automation, and supply chain liquidity, has increased inventory of its T-Series ELD to meet added demand in anticipation of 3G sunsetting. With many of the major wireless carriers sunsetting 3G in Q1 and Q2 this year, making many of the ELDs currently being used

Networks will soon shut down 3G service—make sure your fleet’s up to date

Do you know how many devices in your fleet run on a 3G cellular network? If not, now’s the time to start taking inventory. The so-called “3G sunset” is nigh, with major network providers like Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T set to shut down their 3G service within the coming 12 months. For fleets still operating

Transflo announces simplified pricing model for its document capture service

Transflo has introduced a new pricing model for its multi-channel document capture and workflow suite. This, according to the company, is aimed at helping fleets with predictable monthly pricing and an improved driver experience. With the new subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) model, fleets have greater control over their monthly costs, and drivers have

Even more ELD buying advice

Our top technology sources provided far more ELD buying advice ahead of the Dec. 16 full compliance date, which means that AOBRD are no longer a compliant ELD mandate device. Check out even more tips for ELD buying below and then head over to our first round of ELD buying advice by clicking here. There

ELD buying advice

Attention last-minute ELD shoppers! If you’re still running an AOBRD as an ELD solution, you will not be compliant come Dec. 16. You will need a fully compliant ELD solution or you will face fines and/or out-of-service consequences. And this impacts a majority of fleets on the road at last count.

Transflo introduces trailer tracking for telematics, location reporting

Transflo has introduced Transflo Trailer Tracking, a solar-powered device that integrates into the Transflo Mobile+ platform to give fleet managers near-real-time communications and GPS-based tracking of trailers, containers, and other assets.