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The biggest heavy-duty truck battery killers

Fleet Equipment asked Brad Bisaillon, director of strategic accounts, North America and Europe, with Trojan Battery Co. LLC, and Maria Orlando-Krick, marketing manager of specialty products, Americas at EnerSys, brand manufacturer of ODYSSEY batteries, about the biggest battery draining threats. Here’s what they said: Corrosion at connection: Keep all connections clean and corrosion free at

Pulling power: Plugging into battery options

Starting, cycling, electrical systems, onboard computers, hotel loads—the demand for power from the truck is at an all-time high. As a fleet manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure the truck starts day-in, day-out, while drivers demand today’s advanced creature. It all comes down to one basic premise: “Energy in needs to exceed energy out. Batteries

Trojan Battery Powering Options
Digging into the details: Addressing the complexity faced by today’s fleets

Connectivity breeds complication. As equipment, technology, data, driver and shipping demands are woven together, new challenges bubble up from complexity. Fleet managers are on the equipment front lines, streamlining operations through smart truck purchases. At the heart of it, you are the risk managers of your fleets. Yet even a seemingly simple solution such as

Addressing the complexity faced by today’s trucking fleets