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Clarience Technologies announces work on lighting optimized for electric trucks

Clarience Technologies has introduced the A2Z for e-Mobility initiative, targeted at developing energy-efficient lighting solutions that extend the range of electric trucks by reducing battery amp draw. Efficiency opportunities coming from A2Z for e-Mobility have been introduced first at Truck-Lite, a Clarience company which is now offering a series of more energy-efficient trailer and step van

Trailer telematics shouldn’t be overlooked

It may still sound like a buzzword, but the fact is that fleet managers can no longer ignore telematics for their trailers.

Truck-Lite integrates P.S.I. tire management solutions into Road Ready system

Truck-Lite Co., LLC has integrated Pressure Systems International (PSI) automatic tire inflation and tire pressure monitoring systems data into the Road Ready system via its SmartBridge Integrator.

How implementing trailer tracking systems can streamline operations

With industry challenges such as driver shortages and high levels of equipment utilization, efficiently managing trailers is more critical than ever.

Where to start with trailer telematics

Fleet Equipment is here to help you along your way as you hit the next mile marker on the road to improved asset efficiency.

Truck-Lite to be standard equipment on Freightliner New Cascadia

Daimler Trucks North America has chosen Truck-Lite as standard lighting equipment for the soon-to-be-released 2018 Freightliner New Cascadia. The Cascadia will feature three Truck-Lite components as standard equipment: the main mirror, located on the doors of the truck; the fender mirror, located on the hood of the truck; and side turn lamp, an LED side

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How to maintain tractor-trailer electrical connection

When it comes to tractor-trailer electrical connections, spec’ing and maintaining equipment is vital. This is especially true these days with fleets seeking to avoid CSA inspections that often lead to time off the road and costly citations. Spec the best “At Peterson, we have been actively selling and promoting our Defender sealed, modular harness and

Truck-Lite launches redesigned website

Truck-Lite Co., LLC has announced the launch of the new, redesigned version of its website: Key features, according to Truck-Lite include a new navigation system, an enriched e-commerce platform, responsive design and a location-based, one-click distributor search. “We totally redefined our product structure and rebuilt our data from the ground up,” said Edwin Ludwig, Truck-Lite’s digital

KLLM-Frozen Foods Express specs LED lighting on all new trucks

KLLM-Frozen Foods Express, headquartered in Richland, Miss., with operations in 48 states, announced that it will install Truck-Lite LED forward lighting on all new trucks. “We’re excited to get the safety and maintenance benefits of LED lighting into as many vehicles as we can. It’s huge to have our product on a fleet with the

Designing programs to avoid CSA violations

A 2013 CSA Violation Study by Vigillo, which provides a widely used CSA reporting system that aggregates, organizes and delivers fleet safety information in a suite of CSA Scorecards, reveals that maintenance related issues make up over 80% of all violations among all seven BASICs, or Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Categories. Furthermore, notes Steve Bryan,

Training to avoid CSA lighting citations

More technical training courses and constructive support for avoiding potential FMCSA’s Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) violations are two specific parts and service examples being brought forward to fleet management members by Truck-Lite. In response to fleet managers and truck technicians, the company developed online training modules on lighting and harness, basics in electricity, lighting fundamentals,

Keeping the lights on through proper maintenance

Rolling down the road, truck and trailer lighting serves as a beacon of safety, lighting the way and providing tractor and load visibility to other road warriors, commercial and passenger alike. Today’s lighting solutions shine brighter and longer than ever. The incandescent lighting systems of yesteryear have given way to light emitting diode (LED) products

Keeping the lights on through proper maintenance