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International eMV electric work truck walk around

We’re talking range, upfitter needs and EV powertrain configuration.

Inside the intelligence that powers truck powertrain efficiency

Powertrain integration goes beyond how the components connect. Powertrain management software pushes fuel efficiency further.

How the heavy-duty trucking aftermarket meets demands

Talking through the latest parts and technology trends impacting the aftermarket.

Trailer tracking tips to address theft

Cargo theft ticked up in 2020 during the pandemic and continues to plague fleets. Even the mere threat of a trailer gone missing can cause a cold sweat. So what if you could track it? In the same way you can pinpoint a missing cell phone, you can track a trailer. But it’s not just

Truck technology that helps tackle supply chain challenges

The theme in today’s stretched supply chain is “day to day.” Talk with anyone. (Seriously, anyone in basically any industry) and supply is managed to the best of abilities every day. We work with what we got, but what about what we’re going to need? For that we need more visibility into our operations. Through

Just how connected are truck maintenance solutions?

In the Before-Times, predictive maintenance was the talk of the truck service technology town. Then, well, you know what happened, and it brought service discussion back down to Earth. Today, fleets still battle long dwell times and parts shortages. That’s not to say that predictive maintenance development was put on the back burner, but “connected

Making sense of the 2021 trucking market and what might be ahead

Well, that was one trucking year. While the pandemic brought dark times in 2020, trucking was a bright spot. Trucks kept rolling, fleets kept delivering and the country and economy chugged along in an alphabet soup of letter-shaped recovery. Who could have guessed that 2020 would just be a prelude to the market madness of

The biggest electric truck surprises from Run on Less—Electric

Standing with Mike Roeth, executive director, North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE), at ACT Expo just after 13 electric trucks started their daily routes that would be tracked and analyzed for Run on Less—Electric there was a feeling of uncertainty. There had been plenty of talk of what electric trucks could do, but this

Just how smart are trucking artificial intelligence solutions?

The headline question is where my conversation with Nauto’s Chief Product Officer Yoav Banin ends up. As an artificial intelligence (A.I.) and computer vision provider, Nauto uses its algorithms to identify things like potential pedestrian collision, speeding, driver fatigue and drowsiness and intersection violations, to name a few. And it’s not alone. As more and

Hyliion’s CEO talks sustainable truck equipment choices

You may have thought that we’ve been down the sustainability road before when “going green” was in vogue, but this time is different. Huge investments from every energy sector and increasingly stringent environmental regulations are pushing trucking toward an energy sea change. The question now isn’t if it will happen, it’s how it will happen.

Hyliion heavy-duty trucking sustainability
Illuminating truck, trailer lighting safety opportunities

The needs of drivers continue to be in the forefront of fleet spec’ing decisions, safety being paramount not just inside the cab, but all around the vehicle. The right truck and trailer lighting can make a big difference–one you can literally see. But what’s the ROI? How can you justify an additional lighting spend during

Interior truck trailer lighting safety
Understanding new diesel engine technology and making sure it’s used correctly

New GHG 2021 engine updates mean improved efficiency, if you understand the uses of things like predictive powertrain management systems. While the diesel specs remain the same, the technology has that enables efficiency gains has rocketed forward. Once you have a handle on it, you have to make sure your drivers and maintenance managers and

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