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Understanding the 2020 trucking market and what’s ahead in 2021

If you would have asked me what the trucking market at the end of 2020 would look like in March or April, my answer would have been something like this: Clearly not optimistic. And I would have been wrong. Like all things in 2020, the market was unpredictable. The shape of recovery has been compared

Understanding 2020 trucking market 2021 predictions ACT Research
Hands on with the Western Star 49X

Rolling loads through a quarry, traversing the job site and tackling the rough and tumble landscape of Oregon’s high desert, the new Western Star 49X worked with confidence. The OEM put its new truck in the hands of trucking trade journalists and let us put it through its paces. Watch the video above as we

Taking advantage of truck driver safety technology

Truck driver safety and training solutions have grown astronomically this year. With truck drivers being more remote than ever due to the pandemic, an increased focus on safety came with it. Connected telematics alert you to unsafe operation, in-cab cameras let you peer into the situation in and around the truck and training platforms let

truck driver safety training technology
Electric truck charging infrastructure basics

The reality of electric truck charging infrastructure is not a “set it and forget it” process. Even after working hand in hand with your truck OEMs, charging infrastructure manufacturer and local utilities, charging your electric truck will require more hands-on management than you’re currently used to with diesel. On top of that, there are still

Where do the latest heavy-duty truck fuel efficiency gains come from?

Every time there’s a new engine launch or truck model update, I always wonder: How much more fuel efficiency can OEMs create? And every time, OEMs continue to produce improvements over their previous “best spec,” which means larger gains compared to trucks that coming off their four- to five-year lifecycle. With that question answered, there’s

Correct cargo securement to avoid costly consequences

There’s a lot going on, but even in get-it-done mode, safety needs to be paramount. Correct cargo securement is critical but the details can be easily overlooked. When do you use chains? When do you use ratchet straps? What about winch straps? What’s your cargo securement training program looking like for your fleet personnel? Knowing

Cargo Securement Trucks Trailers Kinedyne
Truck driver behavior visibility: what is it and why does it matter?

Data-driven, visibility-infused truck driver training and management solutions have boomed this year. It’s a trend that fleet equipment managers need to pay attention to because the telematics and in-cab camera systems you spec will have a direct impact on your driver training and management department. If you’re a small fleet that doesn’t have the luxury

Truck Driver training management visibility in data
Finding the cause of truck tire failures

Think about the last time you dealt with a truck tire failure. Maybe there were huge safety consequences, maybe it hit your operating costs harder than anything else. Regardless of what happened after the failure, can you remember why the failure happened in the first place? What about the cause of the last five truck

Finding Scrap Truck Tire Failure Causes
How the 3G sunset could impact your trucks’ ELDs

I know, even mentioning ELDs could make your skin crawl. While the transition for some fleets was trying, the digital benefits that come along with it can make the headaches worth it, as long as your technology of choice is in it for the long haul. If you were ahead of the ELD mandate requirement,

How the 3G sunset could impact your ELD
Slaying truck service challenges with the right software

Trucks are mighty computer-controlled, material-moving mammoths. When a monster of a monster problem rears its ugly head, it’s time for your service department to slay it and get your rolling iron back on the road. Of all the tools in your valiant technician’s quiver, the right scan tool software is one of the most important

Slaying Truck Service Scan Tool Software
Is solar a viable ancillary power option for heavy-duty trucks?

Every day the sun sends its powerful rays to Earth. In fact, NASA satellite missions have noted that “at Earth’s average distance from the Sun (about 150 million kilometers), the average intensity of solar energy reaching the top of the atmosphere directly facing the Sun is about 1,360 watts per square meter.” That’s enough to

What happens when you ask your telematics platform a question and it gives you an answer?

Using truck telematics to improve your fleet operations always begins with a question. The continuing challenge of technology is to make finding the data you need to answer that question approachable. During a telematics demo with Teletrac Navman, the telematics service provider showed off its natural language search function. What does that mean? It means

Natural Language Fleet Telematics Data Analytics Generic