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What happens when you ask your telematics platform a question and it gives you an answer?

Using truck telematics to improve your fleet operations always begins with a question. The continuing challenge of technology is to make finding the data you need to answer that question approachable. During a telematics demo with Teletrac Navman, the telematics service provider showed off its natural language search function. What does that mean? It means

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How to use real-time truck telematics

There is a lot you can do with truck telematics, but what should you do? The problem is that the answer to that question is specific to every fleet. Maybe you need to focus on improving your fuel economy. Maybe you need to improve driver safety. Maybe you need to keep an eye on your

Driver training telematics use case with Ford Telematics

Finally! The data tables have turned! Instead of being behind the keyboard pounding away at why fleet managers need to use data, Ford put me behind the wheel of a 2020 Ford Transit and tracked my every movement with Ford Telematics. In this episode of Unscripted, I’m in the driver hot seat as Travis Hunt,

Ford Transit 2020 test drive and technology test

We’re definitely off script in this episode of Unscripted. Ford dropped off a 2020 Transit, and we put it through its paces, testing out the latest technology like adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist system. Our 2020 Transit was outfitted with the EcoBoost engine, which sports 310 HP at 5,000 RPM and 400 ft./lbs. of

Where hybrid technology fits into fleet emissions plans

Emissions regulations are coming, especially in California where the emissions goals are the most aggressive. While fully electric trucks begin to roll out, increased interest in other powertrain options such as natural gas and hybrid technologies have gained fleet interest. Hyliion, one of the industry’s hybrid technology pioneers, unleashed a number of announcements over the

Putting the right truck equipment, service practices in place during a pandemic

Fleets thrive on predictability. Uptime and asset utilization are improved when you can see what’s coming. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has made 2020 anything but predictable. Shifting applications, duty cycles and equipment needs continue to impact all trucking segments in unique ways; a fact that is felt by Penske Truck Leasing as it helps

Inside the truck data integration: Volvo Trucks, Geotab

Every truck data integration is different. That’s true whether you’re integrating your own data with new telematics service providers (TSPs) or OEMs are integrating with TSPs, which has been a growing trend over the past couple of months. TSPs are receiving data direct from OEM-installed hardware, but how does it work and what does it

A.I. saw the sign: Video intelligence opens safety focused eyes

There’s a lot of video footage streaming off trucks with the continued adoption of in-cab camera systems. Both road- and driver-facing cameras capture important safety related footage, but who has time to watch all of that? Not you, busy fleet manager. That’s why video telematics providers are layering artificial intelligence (A.I.) on top of their

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How electric truck development has been impacted by the pandemic

Before the pandemic, electric trucks stood in the industry limelight as OEMs rolled demo fleets out across the country, started to collect and analyze application data and work with partners both in infrastructure deployment and fleet utilization to understand the ability of electric powertrain to do the job. Then the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world.

Inside the truck data integration: Navistar, Samsara

There have been a slew of integration announcements between OEMs and technology service providers, which sound great on digital paper, but what do they really mean? How far does the integration go? Where do you see the data? How can you, as the fleet, make the most of it? In the first of a series

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A fleet view of the latest truck technology

To truly take advantage of the latest truck technology, you have to do more than spec it. You have to do more than analyze it. The real key to making technology work for your trucking operation is something far more difficult: communication. You have to talk about the technology, understand its uses the same way

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Equipment management’s place in the larger fleet management picture

Technology that connects you to your truck also connects you to those you work with, from safety managers to driver dispatch and even the back office. You’re all pulling in the same direction, and the right data integrations can make sure you’re all looking at the same digital page. All of those departments (if you’re

Equipment management place in the larger fleet management picture