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Ford introduces new generation of Transit Connect cargo van

Ford Motor Co. has introduced the new generation of its Transit Connect cargo van. This is the third generation of the Transit Connect vans, and the first since 2014 model year. The company also introduced a new Transit Connect passenger wagon. Available powertrains for the Transit Connect cargo van include the standard 2L, four-cylinder gasoline

Mercedes-Benz debuts new generation of Sprinter vans

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the third generation Sprinter van at its newly constructed Mercedes-Benz logistics center on the Mercator Island in Duisburg, Germany. It will be available in the Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle centers and Van ProCenters in the U.S. market by the end of the year. The new electric eSprinter, meanwhile, will enter the market in 2019

The newest Mercedes-Benz Sprinter goes from vehicle to integrated system solution

At a recent sneak preview of the new Sprinter model, held at its Sprinter Innovation Campus in Germany, Mercedes-Benz Vans was focused on the industry segments that the third generation of its commercial van is designed to serve. Along with passenger transport applications, the company noted that trade, service and delivery sectors are in need of

Transformational technologies: Electric vehicles from Workhorse Group are filling vocational and last mile delivery needs

“It’s all about savings,” says Angela Strand, vice president at Workhorse Group. “Electric vehicles have an higher acquisition cost,” she says, “but our experience over nearly two million miles of operations indicates that operating and maintenance costs are 60% to 70% lower. “Our data shows that a traditional Class 5 truck costs one dollar per

Light-duty vans roll large

In June 2014, Ford Motor Co. took a risk by replacing its established U.S. light-duty van offering, the E-Series, with its longtime European van brand, the Transit. It quickly paid off as the new American-made Transit became the best-selling van in North America. Ford is not alone in finding success in the van market by