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Verizon Connect Reveal is now available on GSA contracts

Government agencies are now able to purchase the Verizon Connect Reveal fleet management platform, through the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program. Government agencies can now streamline processes, pricing and contracts by purchasing Verizon Connect Reveal on GSA contracts. Key benefits include pre-negotiated pricing, terms and conditions, reduced lead time required

Geotab, Verizon Connect, Solera Fleet Solutions ABI Research’s telematics ranking

In its recent Commercial Telematics Competitive Ranking, global technology intelligence firm ABI Research found that Geotab remains the leader in overall rankings for the top global commercial telematics provider. For the third year in a row, Geotab secured first place overall and led in implementation. Since 2020, Geotab has grown its market share by around 40%, now

Eight ways to increase fuel efficiency across your fleet

How much are you paying for fuel these days? If you’re a fleet manager or business owner, the answer is probably too much. The price of fuel continues to trend up compared to this week a year ago – just one of many challenges facing fleet managers. Fortunately, fleet managers have many ways to put

Verizon Connect introduces new EV features for Reveal

Mobile workforce managers looking to make more informed investment and planning decisions as they consider moving to electric vehicles (EVs) from their gasoline-powered ones will benefit from new enhancements, developed exclusively for EVs, in the Verizon Connect Reveal fleet management platform. For those customers who have already made the leap to EVs, the new updates

The real-time impact of A.I.-powered in-cab cameras

In the world around us, cameras are ubiquitous. Security cameras, phone cameras, laptop cameras. There’s a camera pointed at me right now. And they’re finding their way into truck cabs. More and more fleets are spec’ing in-cab cameras that provide visibility into on-road situations that can help protect the driver. That means lots of video

Drivewyze, Verizon Connect partner to offer connected truck services

Drivewyze recently announced it has partnered with Verizon Connect, a provider of fleet management technology, to provide Verizon Connect Reveal customers with integrated access to Drivewyze weigh station bypass and Drivewyze Safety+ services. With this integration, Verizon Connect customers can access Drivewyze through the Verizon Connect marketplace, allowing vehicle and driver data to automatically sync to Drivewyze applications.

Verizon Connect unveils AI dashcam

Verizon Connect is unveiling its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Dashcam, which the company says is capable of real-time detection of potentially dangerous driving events. Available for new and existing Fleet and Reveal customers, integrated video is available for use with two new camera models, including a road-facing only camera–which can be upgraded with a driver-facing camera

Verizon Connect charges up EV fleet management with Sawatch Labs

a new partnership between Verizon Connect and Sawatch Labs helps fleets with more than 10 vehicles plan their EV strategies. With EVs poised to become a significant part of vehicle fleets in the coming years, growing to 31 percent of the market by 2050, or about 672 million vehicles, according to the U.S. Energy Information

Verizon Connect, AWS collaborate on full cloud migration

Verizon Connect recently migrated Verizon Connect Reveal, a fleet management software platform, entirely to Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS). Verizon Connect, now fully on AWS, utilizes the AWS multiple Availability Zone (AZ) architecture for solutions that are secure, scalable and reliable, and also enable continued growth for Verizon Connect, the company noted. Verizon Connect Reveal

How much closer are we to the 3G sunset?

We harped on it all last year: The 3G sunset is coming–and that means that there are still a staggering number of trucks with older telematics devices that need to be upgraded to 4G LTE units. Connecting with Peter Mitchell, senior vice president, general manager, Verizon Connect, an update on the network sunset was at

Verizon Connect says fleet management software shown to reduce speeding, idling

Recent analysis of anonymized usage data from Verizon Connect showed how the company’s fleet management software platform gives customers improvements through cost reductions, a focus on driver safety and reduction of vehicle idling which is a source of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, the company says. The data analysis from more than 1,800 active

Wolf Line Construction leverages smart solutions to serve rural customers

Fleets understand the need to know the location of their vehicles, and how far away from a delivery or a job their people are, but before the advent of fleet management software, managers issued paper routes and called their drivers as they moved from location to location. North Charleston, S.C.-based Wolf Line Construction tapped Verizon