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The return of the medium-duty market: Where will vocational trends go when the market booms?

It’s often hard to tell, in the moment, the difference between a passing fad and a trend that’s here to stay. Those Beanie Babies people hoarded in the late ’90s didn’t end up paying for anybody’s college education, and despite all the hype, Bitcoin has not exactly deposed the U.S. dollar as our go-to trusted

Three things you didn’t know about the Peterbilt Model 567 truck (in about three minutes)

Peterbilt Motors Co. may have unveiled a new lineup of Class 5-8 medium-duty trucks, but the tried-and-true Peterbilt Model 567 offers new updates as well. First offered in 2013 in a set-back front axle configuration, which then expanded to a set-forward axle configuration availability in 2015. It’s the most-built vocational model in Peterbilt Motors Co.

Peterbilt Model 567 Medium Duty Truck Tony
Hands on: The Peterbilt medium-duty truck lineup

I’ve never seen anyone beat up a truck as much as Phil Hall. The Peterbilt medium-duty segment manager pounds on the grill, punches the kick plate, stands on the cupholder and slams the door—all to prove a point. The newly unveiled Peterbilt medium-duty lineup is tough, and the new Class 7/8 Model 537 and Model

Daimler Trucks NA names chief engineer of chassis, vocational engineering

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) has appointed Tracy Mack-Askew to the position of chief engineer, chassis and vocational engineering, effective immediately. In her new role, Mack-Askew will lead the development of solutions for DTNA customers in diesel powertrain technologies, and support the transition to electrical propulsion solutions in chassis and vocational products. Mack-Askew has over

SAF-Holland unveils CBXA AeroBeam fixed frame air suspension series

During a virtual press conference, SAF-Holland announced the introduction of its CBXA AeroBeam Series of fixed frame suspensions, a lineup of four lighter-weight, top-mount trailer air suspensions. The CBXA AeroBeam Series is a lightweight line of fixed frame air suspensions, and includes 23K, 25K, and 30K pound capacity models. The AeroBeam design features the optimal

Conversations that connect to trucking solutions

Understanding the latest truck technology and how data can be used to better your fleet practices is difficult. Here’s my trick: I talk with a lot of people who know way more about it than I do. Have enough of those conversations and some of that expertise tends to rub off on you. You start

Geotab conversations trucking solutions
How the right vocational truck suspension spec can improve driver comfort

Given the amount of time drivers of vocational trucks spend in their vehicles, ride quality is critical to keeping them comfortable, notes Bryan Redeker, power suspensions product manager at SAF-Holland. “Some vocational trucks spend the majority of their operating time traversing uneven and rough roads, so poor ride quality can lead to discomfort, back issues

vocational truck suspension driver comfort
Geotab for Small Business program launched

Geotab is launching Geotab for Small Business, a new offering specifically designed to support small businesses who may own and operate only a few vehicles. With Geotab for Small Business, small business owners will receive access to Geotab’s telematics platform as well as direct support services. The company says Geotab for Small Business is designed

Peterbilt unveils new Class 5-8 medium-duty trucks, PACCAR TX-8 transmission

Peterbilt Motors Co. has unveiled the new medium-duty Model 537 and Model 548, designed for the Class 7/8 segment, as well as the medium-duty Model 535 and Model 536, designed for the Class 5/6 non-CDL lease and rental markets. Each new model is available for order with deliveries starting in July. Model 537 and Model

Kenworth launches new medium-duty truck lineup

Kenworth has introduced a new medium-duty conventional truck lineup ranging from Class 5 to light Class 8. The new models are the Kenworth T180 (Class 5), Kenworth T280 (Class 6), Kenworth T380 (Class 7) and Kenworth T480 (light Class 8). In addition, for customers needing FEPTO, full parent rails and fixed grille, Kenworth added the

Michelin launches X Works drive tire for mixed-use trucks

Michelin North America, Inc. has launched X Works D, a new generation of its on-/off-road drive tire designed for the construction, energy, concrete and logging sectors operating in mixed-use conditions. Full-tread-depth lateral groove tread patterns provide balance between stability for increased wear and improved rubber-to-void ratio for maximum traction, Michelin says. Teardrop sipes in the

Buyers Products upgrades 3-cubic-yard electric, poly-hopper spreader

Buyers Products has created a larger version of its SaltDogg PRO Series electric spreader. The new 9-1/2-ft. PRO3000 model has a 3-cubic-yard capacity, which equates to roughly 3.2 tons of bulk No. 1 rock salt, the company says. The spreader joins the existing 1.5-, 2-, and 2.5-cubic-yard models of the SaltDogg PRO Series. To create