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Matchmaking and downspeeding

Choosing an engine, transmission and axles that are specifically matched to work together for optimum performance is a fast emerging trend. When I say “optimum performance,” I mean maximum fuel efficiency with the right horsepower engines, coupled with an automated manual transmission that shifts at exactly the right RPM, and an axle with the best

Volvo Trucks launches certified uptime centers

Volvo Trucks will begin introducing Volvo Certified Uptime Centers within its dealer network in 2016, with the goal being to maximize customer uptime. Dealer locations will receive the certification after adopting a standardized process designed to provide more transparent information to the customer and complete repairs more quickly. The centers are meant enhance the service experience for

Volvo Trucks investment technician training
The value of safety: Volvo Trucks’ commitment to safety, technology pays off

Advanced safety systems might be growing in acceptance, but safety has been a staple of Volvo Trucks since the company’s inception. Don’t forget—Volvo invented the three-point safety belt, and it’s been leading the advanced safety system charge since 2005. “We are proud that our vision for safety is being adopted so widely in North America.

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Volvo Trucks breaks ground on new customer experience center

Volvo Trucks North America has announced that it will make several plant upgrades and open a new Customer Experience Center as part of a $38.1 million investment in the New River Valley (NRV) truck assembly plant in Dublin, Va., where all Volvo truck models for North America are assembled. “This unique Customer Experience Center will showcase

Volvo Trucks Customer Experience Center
The truck telematics revolution

It’s hard to believe that years ago, “technology” inside a cab meant it came with a CB radio. Today, those same cabs have onboard telematics systems that relay information from the drivetrain to help keep track of fuel economy, speed, driving habits—pretty much anything related to the trip. OEMs have been paying attention to this

Volvo Trucks North America expands its partnered uptime services

Volvo Trucks North America has expanded its partnered services to maximize uptime by providing more detailed diagnostics on truck components, allowing customers to make more rapid repair decisions. Volvo’s ASIST, a web-based service communication platform developed by Decisiv, now integrates with Truck Diagnostics System (TDS), a JPRO-based diagnostics software solution provided by Volvo partner Noregon

Volvo Trucks investment technician training
Buying trucks with resale in mind

“A quality, premium-spec’d truck is going to command higher resale value and helps a truck stand out on a dealership’s lot,” begins Anthony Gansle, marketing manager of on-highway products for Peterbilt. “In addition to greater resale value and desirability, running high-content trucks provide fleets with numerous cost-saving advantages that factor into the total return on

Mack Pinnacle Axle Forward Rawhide Edition
Volvo, Mack introduce preventative maintenance plans for trucks

Volvo Trucks North America has introduced pre-paid preventive maintenance plans for its trucks. The maintenance plans cover all model year 2011 and newer Volvo models powered by Volvo D11, D13 or D16 engines. The maintenance plan also covers Mack trucks, specifically model year 2011 and newer Mack models powered by Mack MP7, MP8, or MP10 engines.

Volvo Premium Maintenance
Powertrain integration outtakes: Even more insight (FEDigital exclusive)

With nearly every info-packed story in the print pages of Fleet Equipment, there are nuggets of information left on the editing room floor, usually due to limited space on the printed page. Thanks to the supercomputers that enable the hive-mind that is the Internet, we can bring you all the info we amass in a

Powertrain Integration outtakes
Powertrain integration: Transmission focus

While the engine supplies the power, the transmission puts the integration to work. “Integration allows the engine and transmission to streamline communications and decision making,” said John Moore, Volvo Trucks product marketing manager-powertrain. “The transmission is programmed to shift based on the peak torque of the engine and not specific RPM points. Trucks can maintain

Let’s talk progress!

Some of you may recall the iconic drawings of detective Dick Tracy, of comic book fame, talking into his wristwatch—most likely relaying valuable information back to headquarters. I doubt that when those drawings were penned anyone looking at them thought that some day we’d have the capability to talk into wristwatch type-devices. Yet here we

Volvo Truck Long Haul Future
Volvo launches high gross weight application offering

Volvo Trucks’ newest model is designed for high gross weight applications and heavy-haul tasks like heavy equipment hauling, oil and gas delivery, and timber transport, according to the manufacturer. The Volvo VNX 630 model is now offered with a tridem rear axle group, offering maximum traction and an increased payload for customers, the company said.