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Volvo Trucks wrapped sleeper to raise Special Olympics awareness

In acknowledgement of her many industry and community accomplishments, professional truck driver Carmen Anderson was presented with the keys to a new Volvo VNL760 70-in. sleeper specially wrapped to help raise awareness of Special Olympics. The handover event was held at the headquarters of America’s Service Line (ASL) in Green Bay, a private truck fleet

Volvo on Volvo: The Complete Series

“Act now.” That was the Volvo Trucks mantra at ACT Expo in the back half of 2021, when we were still (and currently are) facing uncertainty and change in nearly all aspects of life. But one thing it didn’t change, was progress. The trucking industry was moving forward with advanced diesel engine technology, electric powertrains,

What the ‘next generation’ of battery electric trucks means for the ones that just rolled off of the line

Imagine that you did it: You moved heaven and earth to install battery electric truck charging infrastructure, you went to bat for your electric truck manufacturer of choice to the powers that be and convinced them it will work for your application, you placed your initial order and waited with equal parts excitement and nervousness

Balancing passion and pragmatism to bring zero-emissions trucks to the market

On a wall in Peter Voorhoeve’s office hang numerous framed photos of happy handshakes and the hand-off of keys to the owners of Volvo Trucks VNR Electric–early fleet adaptors who have jumped into the electrification deep end. The Volvo Trucks North America president is clearly passionate about the shift to increasingly sustainable trucking equipment. He

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Tackling today’s trucking industry challenges with Volvo Trucks’s Peter Voorhoeve

Enough about electric trucks. Yes, they’re exciting. Yes, the technology is growing to meet more applications. Yes, electromobility will be a big segment of trucking’s future. It’s important, and talking about the possibilities now means being prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. None of that helps us right now. Today has plenty of challenges. Challenges

The need for speed (and fuel efficiency): Minimizing powertrain choice tradeoffs

The powertrain trade-off has always been: When do you want your fuel efficiency? Or more accurately: At what speeds? With increasing fast axle ratios enabled by downspeeding, there has always been talk of the operational “sweet spot”–that magical RPM, MPH balance that wasn’t burning too much fuel, but wasn’t underpowered. Just right. The reality is

Volvo Trucks touts I-Shift transmission with dual power take-off

Volvo Trucks North America upgrades its I-Shift that now offers a dual power take-off (PTO). The new dual PTO allows I-Shift to incorporate two independently clutched DIN 5462 drives, or one SAE 1410 flange and one DIN 5462 drive, separated by the vehicle’s centerline. By separating the two drives, space is created to allow for the

Volvo Keith Brandis recognized for leadership in the Volvo LIGHTS project

Volvo Group North America’s Keith Brandis, vice president of system solutions and partnerships, was presented the Industry Distinguished Service Award by the University of California, Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering-Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT). Brandis (pictured above, left) was recognized for his contributions and leadership in several innovative transport initiatives, including the award-winning

Growing electric truck usage, battery ‘circularity’ with Volvo Trucks president Peter Voorhoeve

Battery electric trucks in short-route applications might have started modestly, but adoption is growing at a solid pace. At ACT Expo this year, Volvo Trucks noted several customer orders that build on top of last year’s numbers. NFI committed to 60 more Volvo VNR Electric trucks with Quality Custom Distribution (QCD) is increasing its commitment

Producers Dairy, Volvo Trucks, Amply Power deploy electric trucks and manage charging in California’s Central Valley

Producers Dairy, a dairy processor and direct-to-store supplier, will now deliver quality, farm-to-table freshness with zero tailpipe emissions through the integration of two Volvo VNR Electric trucks into their fleet. The Volvo VNR Electric trucks are the first commercial, battery-electric Class 8 trucks to be deployed in California’s Central Valley. The two Volvo VNR Electric

Amped at ACT Expo: Exciting trucking highlights from the show floor

I could try to tell you about every awesome truck, every mind-expanding technology, and every sustainability-driving service I saw at ACT Expo 2022, but it’s better if I show you. Or at the very least, hit the highlights. That was the goal connecting with David Sickels, editor of The Buzz EV News and my partner

Understanding EV operational differences and a ride in the Volvo VNR Electric

Certainly there are differences when you get behind the wheel of an electric truck for the first time compared to a diesel unit. But something interesting happens when you get behind the wheels of multiple electric trucks–you start to notice the operational differences. How does the regen braking feel? How about the acceleration? Even questions