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Photo Gallery: ACT Expo 2022

Surprises were around every corner at ACT Expo. Take the electric International RH truck above. It was hanging out at the Navistar Next technology trailer. No announcement, and International was tight-lipped about the equipment details, but it was there. And here’s a look under the hood. A pretty cool tease, and hopefully we’ll hear more

Volvo Trucks touts VNR Electric sales, Volvo Energy infrastructure, battery circularity initiatives

At a press conference held during ACT Expo in Long Beach, Calif., Volvo Trucks North America touted a pair of customer orders for its VNR Electric truck and provided an overview of Volvo Energy infrastructure development and “battery circularity.” NFI Industries—a leading third-party supply chain solutions provider—is increasing its investment in electromobility solutions with its

Roadside truck service assistance you can see

Where is the tow truck?! When you have a truck sidelined by unplanned service needs, waiting is the worst. It can a minute can feel like eternity as nervous energy takes hold. Often times, a little information or a quick update can help alleviate the tension. That’s the aim of Volvo Trucks North America’s new

Five truck trend takeaways from April

April showered us with more than just rain. From expansion to electrification to autonomous technology, we were showered with a deluge of new and exciting trucking industry updates. So, unless your eyes have been glued to our page since the beginning of the month (quite impressive to say the least), there’s a chance you could

How next gen electric trucks boost range, application suitability

EV range anxiety is a thing. With the first generation of electric trucks on the road, working in real-world applications, the anticipated approximate 150 mile range makes more than a few pause and take notice of the equipment’s limitations. Yet, when Volvo Trucks North America announced that the next generation Volvo VNR Electric model, which

EV maintenance—what we’ve learned so far

Electric trucks, with fewer moving parts and fluids, as well as the elimination of exhaust aftertreatment systems, are widely expected to reduce equipment service needs. Likewise, routine maintenance for things likes brakes are anticipated to drop as well. Still, with electric commercial vehicles increasingly being operated across North America, fleets are on an EV learning

Volvo Trucks introduces EV route planning, connected technology tools

Volvo Trucks North America introduced two new technology tools to support customers in successfully deploying Volvo VNR Electric Class 8 models into their fleet operations. The new route planning and connected technology tools are designed to help customers maximize performance capabilities and benefits of the zero-tailpipe emission Volvo VNR Electric model, the OEM noted. To

Photo gallery: TMC 2022

What a difference six months makes. The last TMC took place in September just as supply chain stranglehold was tightening its grip, and you could feel the frustration in the trucking industry on all sides. This year’s TMC show struck a distinctly more positive note. The press day on Sunday was packed with products and

Talking biodiesel viability & aftertreatment technology

Biodiesel has been cropping up in more decarbonization conversations as the industry drives toward lower (and sooner than you think: zero) emissions. Volvo Trucks North America mentioned biodiesel during its ATA MCE press conference. While we’ve had the likes of REG talking about the potential benefits of biodiesel, its appeal seems to be gaining a

Dealing with EV range anxiety

The restless bouncing leg. The tapping of a pen on a desk top. The inexplicable urge to constantly calculate route lengths. These are all signs of EV range anxiety, the sinking feeling that your commercial vehicle will crawl to a stop in mid-transport, leaving you with a delayed load and a hefty towing bill. But

Five truck trend takeaways from January

Nothing is more conventional than a good old New Year’s resolution. Whether it be to save money, eat healthier, read more or hit the gym. At the beginning of a new year, people are ambitious… and then a little non-committal. By the end of January, about 80% of people have abandoned their resolutions. So if

Volvo Trucks announces next generation VNR Electric with enhanced range, additional configurations

Volvo Trucks North America has announced that production of the enhanced Volvo VNR Electric model will begin in Q2 2022 and features an up to 85% increased range, faster charging and more configurations for heavy-duty transport. Volvo Trucks first began taking customer orders for its first Volvo VNR Electric model in December 2020, with commercial