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Volvo Trucks releases new parameter updates

Volvo Trucks has made parameter updates to complement its newly-launched Parameter Plus subscription package, which allows for up to 50 parameter updates annually per covered vehicle.

Diesel Forum highlights technologies that will drive efficiency for tomorrow’s trucks

Modern commercial vehicles have made incredible strides in fuel efficiency and emissions reductions, and continuing innovation, research and regulation is anticipated to deliver even greater savings in coming years, according to regulators, industry leaders, and vehicle, engine and fuel manufacturers heard recently at the SAE Government/Industry Meeting in Washington, D.C. During a two-part session titled

Volvo Trucks adds new over-the-air ‘Parameter Plus’ subscription package

Volvo Trucks has introduced a new Parameter Plus Package, which allows for up to 50 parameter updates annually per covered vehicle. According to Volvo, this feature was implemented in part based on feedback from customers using over-the-air updates–a feature that Volvo says is currently used on 16,000 of its trucks. The multitude of parameter update

Using the latest cab and sleeper enhancements to support truck driver retention

As the driver shortage and turnover rates remain significant challenges, the investment in premium equipment and comfort and convenience amenities can be offset by lower costs for recruiting, hiring and training. This has led many fleets focus on specifying equipment that can help attract and retain drivers. While it is hard to pinpoint a specific

Freightliner Cab
Volvo demonstrates Eco-Drive technology

On March 6, Volvo Group participated in a demonstration of Eco-Drive technology with a Volvo VNL along two connected freight corridors in Carson, California. Eco-Drive integrates traffic signal data with vehicle dynamics to provide real-time speed recommendations. This mitigates harsh driving maneuvers and can therefore reduce the impact of freight movement through disadvantaged communities, the

Penske is turning its service centers into heavy-duty shops of the future

A bright yellow Volvo VNL sporting the signature two-tone blue lines running down its doors pulled into an open bay at Penske Truck Leasing in Brook Park, Ohio. A technician grabbed a headset attached to a device that clipped to his belt and started up Penske’s preventative maintenance protocol. “To start work, say, ‘Ready.’” The

Volvo Trucks releases new Payload Plus fuel efficiency package

Volvo Trucks has introduced new “Payload Plus” packages for the Volvo VNR and VNL series trucks, which are now available to order. According to Volvo, the packages provide a way to shave up to 540 lbs. from Volvo VNR regional-haul models and remove more than 335 lbs. from Volvo VNL long-haul models, and are geared toward weight-sensitive

Volvo Trucks, Greenlots to provide EV charging infrastructure in Southern California

Greenlots, a provider of electric vehicle charging software and solutions, announced it will collaborate with Volvo Trucks to deploy charging infrastructure for electric trucks operating out of warehouses in Southern California. This project was borught about as part of a public-private partnership with the California Air Resources Board (CARB). CARB awarded $44.8 million to the South Coast Air Quality

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Volvo and Trimble to collaborate on fleet management services

Volvo Trucks North America has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Trimble Transportation Enterprise (formerly TMW Systems) to develop future transportation management and fleet maintenance products and services. According to the companies, the proposed collaboration leverages Volvo’s on-board connectivity hardware to offer solutions that help fleets run their businesses more effectively, bringing critical

Volvo Trucks offers new Xceed efficiency package for VNL 760 and VNL 860

Volvo Trucks has introduced the new “Xceed” fuel efficiency package for Volvo VNL 760 and VNL 860 models operating in dry van and refrigerated trailer operations. The new fuel efficiency package will be available for order beginning in January for 2020 model year trucks. “The new Xceed fuel efficiency package is the most efficient package

Volvo Trucks develops new transport solution featuring automated electric trucks

Volvo Trucks announced the development of a new transport solution consisting of automated electric commercial vehicles that can contribute to more efficient, safer and cleaner transportation. According to Volvo Trucks, this solution is aimed at adding capacity and complementing today’s offerings to support fleets and drivers by relieving driver shortages and constraints on freight capacity.

The AAA Cooper Transportation advantage: A cohesive maintenance, safety and purchasing approach

Combining three functional areas of its fleet operation under a single management team is proving to be an advantage at AAA Cooper Transportation. “With safety, maintenance and purchasing for the fleet managed collectively we have a combined thought process,” says Steven Aronhalt, the fleet’s vice president of safety and maintenance. “The value in that approach