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Baron launches new API website for fleet operations

Baron has launched the new “Baron Weather API for Fleet” website, now optimized for development.

Telectrac Navman introduces Director Weather, providing real-time view of hazardous road conditions

Teletrac Navman has integrated with Weather Telematics to provide Director Weather, a tool within the Teletrac Navman Director fleet management platform that delivers real-time weather-based road conditions and predictive weather intelligence. This information is delivered up to six hours in advance so dispatchers can be advised of delays and safety risks. “What’s different from other

Telectrac Navman Director Weather
Weather Telematics launches E-Horizon weather alert service on Geotab Marketplace

Weather Telematics has announced the E-Horizon Road Weather Hazard Alert Service, which will be available on the Geotab Marketplace. This add-in provides customers with a proactive accident avoidance system that transmits verbal and visual warnings of weather-related road hazards to both dispatchers and drivers. E-Horizon is designed to provide a full toolkit for fleet managers

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