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The importance of spec’ing durable, long-lasting wheel ends and bearings

Wheel ends are an important component of your trucks, but preferably one you’d rather not think about too much. In an ideal world, the wheel end will be a steady component that keeps doing its job, keeping your trucks rolling and your loads moving. For that to be the case, it’s important for wheel ends

The ABCs of winter trucking prep: Brakes

In the ongoing “ABCs of winter trucking prep” series of tech tips from Bendix, the “B” is for brakes. “At the wheel ends, the onset of winter weather means paying extra attention to brake components,” said Mark Holley, director of marketing and customer solutions—wheel-end. “During pre-trip walk-arounds, drivers should look at the air brake chamber

The importance of keeping contaminants out of your truck’s wheel ends

The trick to extending the life and performance of your wheel end starts with something that is simple, but often overlooked: prevention. And while you’ve likely heard why it’s a good idea to keep contaminants away from wheel ends, you may not know exactly where those contaminants are coming from—or the damage they’re actually doing.

Trailer fires: Is CPM data required?

In past years, brake chambers lasted for a long time. We never really had any issue with chambers, almost to the point that we never even looked at them. If you ask most mechanics, they would say “yes, I check them”—but more questions would reveal that they don’t look too closely. This is not to

SKF TraX Wheel End Monitor can integrate with telematics, app

The SKF TraX WEM is a sensor unit installed on the wheels of heavy-duty or coach vehicles to intelligently monitor wheel end vibration and temperature to detect potential issues.

Watch: Detailing heavy-duty truck bearing maintenance, fuel efficiency gains

To squeeze the most fuel savings out of your next truck spec, you might want to extend efficiency gains out to your wheel end through the spec’ing of high-efficiency bearings for that extra fraction of fuel efficiency gain. While a fraction of a percentage might not seem like a lot for one truck, spread it

Inside wheel ends: How slack adjusters could raise wheel end temperatures

Wheel end thermal events are serious maintenance issues that can be caused by setup, maintenance, driver neglect, road debris or some combination of all of these. Before we look at how slack adjusters may factor into higher wheel end temperatures let’s get this out of the way first: Each wheel end thermal service event needs