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Watch: This isn’t your grandfather’s truck wheel end maintenance

Wheel-end technology developments are right now being driven by the need to reduce turnaround times for service and installation. Like with any other service, more efficient installation and maintenance allows a shop to achieve higher levels of satisfaction and maintain profitability, and allows your fleet to maximize uptime. Watch the video above to learn more,

Coats releases heavy-duty 6450 Series wheel balancers

Coats has released the 6450 Series of heavy-duty wheel balancers in 2D and 3D models. The 6450 Series comes with a 1.5 HP direct drive motor, which Coats says can shave 20 seconds off of a typical 22.5-in. spin. These balancers are also equipped with a static on-screen display, showing static and dynamic data and

Accuride wheel production facilities recognized by PACCAR

Accuride Corp.’s four North American wheel-production facilities have received the PACCAR 10 PPM quality award. Accuride’s steel wheel plants in London, Ont., and Henderson, Ky., Accuride’s aluminum wheel plant located in Erie, Pa., and Accuride’s steel and aluminum wheel plant in Monterrey, Mexico, received the award for their performance in 2019. This is the third

Alcoa introduces new lightweight aluminum wheel, new wheel technology

The new wheel is, at 39 lbs., the lightest aluminum wheel offered by Alcoa, and is available for all major truck OEMs.

FlowBelow products now available through Alliance Parts

Starting in April, Alliance Parts customers will have access to all parts manufactured by FlowBelow.

Executive interview outtakes: Kent Jones, SAF-Holland

Editing means that a lot of great info gets left on the cutting room floor. Maybe the story is too long. Maybe it doesn’t fit the narrative pace. Maybe there’s no good place to insert a cool factoid. That doesn’t mean that it’s not insightful. It just means that after writing a story I get

New ways to help your trucks maintain the proper tire pressure – Part II

In the second part of this two-part series, we take a look at some of the new products that are helping trucking companies get the most ROI out of their tires.

Wheel ends in the winter: What you need to know

Safety systems like full stability and collision mitigation can be valuable on winter roads, but they perform at their best only when the brakes at the wheel-ends are also in peak condition to deliver stopping power.

New ways to help your trucks maintain the proper tire pressure

Let’s take a look at some of the new products that are helping trucking companies get the most ROI out of their tires.

Truck-Lite integrates SKF into Road Ready System

Truck-Lite Co. has integrated SKF’s TraX wheel-end monitor (WEM) data into the Road Ready system via its SmartBridge Integrator (SBI).

Maxion unveils new commercial steel wheel

Maxion Wheels has introduced a new steel wheel for the North American truck market. Available in 2020, the new wheel weighs less than its predecessor, yet is stronger as a result of optimized design, engineering and flow forming technologies, the company says.

Maxion, ZF Openmatics to partner on wheel connectivity system

Maxion Wheels will be collaborating with ZF Openmatics to develop a fully-integrated wheel connectivity solution. The multiservice sensor will capture, analyze and broadcast key data such as tire pressure and temperature, wheel load and other wheel and tire performance metrics to drivers, fleet managers and infrastructure authorities, the companies said.