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The engine impact on furloughed trucks that are ready to start

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a story of two extremes—some fleets have been running harder than ever delivering essential goods and other fleets have had to park their trucks. As states across the country reopen and business starts picking up, the maintenance needs of your furloughed trucks should be taken into consideration.

Where you’re going to see truck filter service issues first

Filtration is key to not only keeping your equipment running productively, but efficiently as well. A truck with a clogged fuel filter will both be hard to start and will increase its fuel usage, gobbling up the hard-earned MPG you spec’d toward. Donald Chilton, director of product management at Mann+Hummel Group, provider of Wix Filters,

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The lowdown on engine components

A growing trend when it comes to engine oil is that many fleets are employing extended oil drain intervals for their trucks. This can be a time- and cost-saving practice, but only if your trucks are in an application that supports extended oil drain intervals. If it does end up being a smart move to go with extended oil drain intervals, know that your filtration system can handle it.

Identifying and fixing heavy-duty truck filter issues

Today’s heavy-duty engines have evolved to incorporate modern technology and to adhere to emissions regulations—and that means their components have had to evolve with them. From a maintenance standpoint, one result of this is that when a problem comes up, it’s not so simple to determine the root cause. Say, for instance, you think there’s

Wix Filters introduced 585 new parts in 2017

Wix Filters announced that it introduced 585 new parts in 2017, including 103 that serve the heavy-duty segment. “Last year’s launch of a new smart filter sensor, Senzit, was a significant milestone for Wix,” said Donald Chilton, director of product management for Wix Filters. “We persistently determine where the industry bottlenecks are, and we make

Wix Filters launches Senzit smart air filter monitor

Wix Filters is launching Senzit, an air filter monitor that uses smart technology to provide a new method of monitoring air filter status. Senzit will deliver a new level of connectivity across vehicle types and brands with a central portal to reduce downtime and repair costs, according to Wix. According to Wix, operators, mechanics, and fleet managers

Inside the oil analysis process

Oil analysis provides fact-based information on the oil’s condition, which can then be used to determine the engine’s condition. The data will help answer questions such as is the oil and filter change interval appropriate, is there coolant, fuel, water or dirt in the oil, and is the oil viscosity within appropriate limits? But if

Wix Filters launches heavy-duty air filters with NanoPro technology

Wix Filters has introduced new NanoPro technology for its heavy-duty filters. Initially featured in 33 air filter part numbers, the technology provides higher initial efficiency and a final efficiency of up to 99.99%, the company said. RELATED: The latest FE On the Road video details Wix’s NanoPro technology. “Wix’s commitment to innovation and continued advancement made

The future of heavy-duty filtering

To keep up to date with the new engine oil categories, increased emissions regulations and an ever-changing engine industry, Fleet Equipment (FE) caught up with Donald Chilton, vice president of product management for Wix, and Roma Fatima, lube product line manager for Cummins Filtration, to pepper them with filter-focused questions. FE: How do application and

Wix Filters launches cabin air filter line with Microban antimicrobial protection

Wix Filters is launching cabin air filters exclusively enhanced with Microban antimicrobial product protection. The filters in the new line are protected from the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew to help keep negative elements from entering a vehicle’s interior, and keep cabin air fresh for the lifetime of the product. “We are absolutely thrilled

How application impacts filter usage

Like coolant, proper filtration is critical to engine health and performance. With that in mind, we reached out to filtration experts to track the latest engine filtration trends, and how application impacts filter usage. “Fleets have a lot of choices when it comes to engine filtration, but the best choice is a filter that meets

How fuel filters impact engine health

Fuel is the lifeblood that runs through the heart of your tractor—the engine—sending power into the truck’s component circulatory system. The key to your equipment’s on-highway heart health lies in the engine getting plenty of exercise as it rolls towards its million-mile goal, and to make sure it’s fed the cleanest diesel fuel possible. The