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Bridgestone invests in Wrench

Bridgestone Americas has made a 10% minority investment in mobile vehicle services and technology company, Wrench. The new partnership will accelerate both companies’ ability to meet the needs of car owners with technology in the rapidly growing mobile vehicle inspection, repair and maintenance market, Bridgestone said. Through the partnership, Bridgestone and Seattle-based Wrench will explore

Make truck tire replacement and repairs match your schedule

Fleets are essential; we didn’t need a pandemic to tell us that. However, being an essential business doesn’t mean business is easy. Budgets are still tight, and all of your biggest service headaches—most notably tires—still need to be replaced and maintained to get the most out of your trucks out on the road. Tire replacement

Wrench acquires Lemon Squad

Wrench has agreed to acquire Lemon Squad, an automotive inspection company. Andy Dabbs, president and chief executive officer of Lemon Squad, will join Wrench as general manager of inspections, and the company’s network of 2,800 inspectors will become part of Wrench’s extended team. Through the acquisition of Lemon Squad, Wrench customers and fleet operators can

Tirescanner, Wrench to provide mobile tire installation for fleets

Wrench has announced a partnership with Tirescanner to offer on-demand mobile tire installation to fleet vehicles. Through this partnership, Wrench technicians will have access to Tirescanner’s nationwide network of mobile tire vans, enabling next-day install scheduling of any brand or tire for most fleet vehicles at the driver’s home, or a place convenient to them,

Tackling the new demands of on-site vehicle service

Even before COVID-19, performing on-site service was never the same as rolling a truck into a bay. “There are certain things that go into doing a job in a mobile situation that you have to be cognizant of,” said Ed Peterson, chief executive officer of Wrench, a mobile vehicle maintenance and repair solution that brings

Tackling the new demands of on-site service Wrench
Wrench mobile vehicle maintenance service to offer full contactless service

Wrench is now offering its full contactless services to fleets. Wrench will provide a disinfecting service, which involves a technician who will wipe down high-touch areas, including door handles, consoles, steering wheels, and more with a CDC-approved disinfectant. In addition, the company says it will provide an automated on-site diagnostics service within 24 hours of