Talking about EV charging trends

Talking about EV charging trends

Think about it: We’re are at the beginning at an energy renaissance. Commercial EVs are here. They’re hauling real loads in real applications, and the conversation around the charging infrastructure that supports those vehicles continues to grow. Much of the conversation focuses on fleets putting in infrastructure of their own, as return-to-home routes favor EVs right now. But there’s a larger conversation happening–one that relates to our current fueling model of diesel-driven behemoths sharing fueling station pumps with family haulers. Of course we’re talking about off-highway charging infrastructure that serves both consumer and commercial needs.

“On the consumer side, off highway access charging is going to be a major focus over the next two years,” said Rich Mohr, global vice president, fleet solutions at ChargePoint, who pointed at the incentives from the infrastructure bill as driver of that trend. “But it’s also helping businesses afford to put in that fueling because they’re going to get 10, 20 years out of that fueling site without switching over the hardware. The major cost is getting the energy needed to the curb to allow customers on the fleet side to electrify.”

Like the green limbs of a spindly plant that reaches for more sunlight, charging infrastructure tendrils will start to scatter out from ares where infrastructure investments are made, to the benefit of everyone investing in EVs. For more on this trend and what could be coming down the line for charging infrastructure talking points, The Amped EV Podcast caught up with Mohr. Watch the video above for all of his insight.

Referencing range anxiety

If you missed our earlier conversation on range anxiety that we referenced at the top of the show, catch up by clicking below:

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