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The ABCs of winter trucking prep: Controls


In the ongoing “ABCs of winter trucking prep” series of tech tips from Bendix, the “C” is for controls.

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Driver assistance technologies, such as stability and collision mitigation systems, may be called upon more often in wintry road conditions, while tire pressure monitoring systems are valuable in keeping proper inflation during temperature swings,” said TJ Thomas, Bendix director of marketing and customer solutions—controls. “It’s key to follow pre-trip inspection recommendations detailed in the Bendix service data sheets to make sure these electronic systems are operating properly.”

It’s also important to check electronic connections to ensure they are secure and watertight. Connectors and other sensitive components can be ruined by moisture, salt, and road chemicals.

Drivers should also be mindful of keeping external cameras and radar sensors, such as forward-mounted collision mitigation units, free of snow and ice by checking them just before driving. Thomas noted that while today’s advanced driver assistance technologies are integrated, the foundational technologies can sometimes remain operable if higher-level functions are limited by winter conditions.

“A blocked lane departure warning camera, for instance, doesn’t shut down the entire collision mitigation system,” Thomas said. “Similarly, if a radar unit becomes obstructed by snow during driving, while the collision mitigation functions may be limited, the underlying full-stability technology is still supporting the driver.”


This article was contributed by Bendix.



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