Saving time with real-time technician assistance

Saving time with real-time technician assistance

When you really need to get things done, the most irritating thing is having to sit and wait for a solution that may never come. When it comes to your trucks, waiting around isn’t always an option. Through the use of a remote assistance service, real-time results are more attainable and help you achieve minimal downtime. If you run into a head–scratcher, getting a second opinion from a trained technician can make all the difference in the world 

The convenience of having a data professional at the other end of the line can act as a safety net for shop repairs. Whether it be for engine assistance, diagnostics, troubleshooting, aftertreatment problems or electrical issues–each problem your trucks run into most likely has a prompt resolution.

Stand-by assistance and step by step guidance from industry experts can act as a real game changer while going through the troubleshooting process. So, when is the best time to use Noregon’s Technician as a Service and what kind of calls do master techs usually field?

Watch the video above to find out.

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