The liberation of diagnostics, OEMs beware!
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The liberation of diagnostics, OEMs beware!

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The Diagnostics industry has grown very much over the last few years, ranging from the first computers that controlled the engine, at most, in the late 90’s to the more than 20 ECM’s that you can find in the modern 2020 tractors. In this time the OEM’s have always had an edge on the rest of the industry as they design the tools for their own systems. It has always been said that no aftermarket tool can ever come close to the OEM. But now, is that still true?

With the communication protocols and right-to-repair, the technology has been liberated more and more, making the aftermarket more capable of developing new features and bridging the existing technological gap. With more information and more functionalities available, diagnostic tools in today’s age can do anything from your classic read codes (proprietary data please!), to specific troubleshooting based on the code that was read thanks to the FMI data. With more and more systems coming online the market continues to look for that All-in-one solution that can fix anything that comes through the shop doors and maintains the quality and features of the OE. Well, it looks like Jaltest Diagnostics is that tool!

Jaltest has been around since the beginning of right-to-repair in Europe in the late 90’s. After, when legislation made it possible, they came to the USA in 2010. With the capacity to identify and troubleshoot proprietary codes, meaning the same ones that the OEM provides, the user can scan the full vehicle and identify the issues that are present in as little as 90 seconds. Up to here what’s expected from a diagnostics solution, code reading, parameters, bi-directional controls, maintenances routines such as DPF regen and its reset and even reset procedures to disable fault codes which enable engine power derate, but that’s not all. In today’s market Jaltest has taken the leap to compete with the OEM’s at their own game. In the latest update, version 19.3, Jaltest allows you to copy ECM configurations to the computer in order to later replicate that same configuration in another ECM, new or used, for brands such as Bendix, Wabco and Cummins. These advanced features allow small shops and fleets the ability to replicate configurations from their current vehicles in new ECM’s without going to the dealer.

As time advances, programming becomes more and more necessary, so the next step in the tools evolution will include over the air updates, meaning the ability to download the calibration files from the OEM and update them to your vehicle. This, again, is a huge leap forward, making Jaltest the only aftermarket tool that not only has the best coverage, but it allows you to calibrate and update ECM’s, something that was only in the hands of the manufacturers up to now. Elevate your shops game with Jaltest Diagnostics.

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