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TMD Friction highlights Textar pads and linings designed for performance, safety


Choosing the right friction solution needn’t be a challenge, according to TMD Friction. Be it for truck, trailer, bus or coach, TMD’s Textar offers disc brake pads and drum brake linings for major applications of commercial vehicles. And with Textar, every product comes with the assurance of total quality, maximum safety and ultimate reliability, according to the manufacturer.

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The company noted that as a leader and supplier of commercial vehicle brake friction, brake pads and linings to both the OE and aftermarket sector, Textar offers the performance and safety that only the original can guarantee. Textar stated that 70% of all commercial vehicles in Europe are fitted with Textar brake linings as standard.

According to the company, TMD Textar formulas are specifically designed to meet today’s OE performance standards and demands, including reduced stopping distance (RSD) requirements (T5000 & T1200), as well as the demands of heavy-duty applications, such as vocational vehicles, transit buses and coaches, mining, logging and all heavy load vehicles.



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