Transflo ramps up ELD production to meet replacement needs

Transflo ramps up ELD production to meet replacement needs

Transflo, provider of a mobile and cloud-based platform that drives connectivity, automation, and supply chain liquidity, has increased inventory of its T-Series ELD to meet added demand in anticipation of 3G sunsetting. With many of the major wireless carriers sunsetting 3G in Q1 and Q2 this year, making many of the ELDs currently being used obsolete, “there will be a last-minute rush for compliant 4G replacement units,” said Transflo’s Senior vice president of Strategy, Doug Schrier.

“We’ve been preparing for the rush and have sufficient inventory for our customers who will sunset our legacy Transflo T7 and G7 ELDs,” he continued. “We have enough ELDs for new customers wanting to make the switch to Transflo. Orders can be expedited quickly so fleets and owner operators can have sufficient time to swap out units.”

According to Schrier, the switch to Transflo’s T-Series from an existing Transflo ELD only takes seconds. “The unit is plug-and-play, so once you disconnect the old and replace with the new, you’re halfway there,” he explained. “The next step is simply going to our customer Transflo telematics portal, identifying the correct truck, and inputting the serial number of the new ELD. This ensures there is no loss of IFTA reporting data, or other information generated by the old serial number. It’s a seamless transition.”

For those switching from another brand, the process in nearly as simple. “The ELDs that are not hardwired can be easily replaced and then registered with Transflo,” said Schrier.  “It’s very simple–even for fleets that want to have their drivers make the change on the road.”

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