Transforming Fleet Maintenance and Downtime with Smart Technologies

Transforming Fleet Maintenance and Downtime with Smart Technologies

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Smart technology designed to help Class 8 trucks diagnose, maintain and schedule repairs is one of the industry’s top trending topics. Fleet maintenance managers and fleet owners are wise to adopt the latest smart technologies or face the risk of managing an unprofitable fleet.

During this year’s North American Commercial Vehicle Show (NACV Show 2019), transformative technologies specifically designed for adaptive diagnostics and dynamic fleet maintenance scheduling will be demonstrated. State-of-the-art providers will showcase transformation technologies built on intelligent content that can help fleet managers and service technicians build maintenance solutions, work descriptions and diagnostics. To address the technical information needs of fleet maintenance managers and repair shops, select technology platforms showcased at NACV Show 2019 will allow fleet managers the ability to create, track and structure large volumes of VIN-specific product information. These transformative technologies feature commercial vehicle parts data and technical information, and are perfectly designed for OEMs to manage and prepare their data to address fleet maintenance managers’ problems.

Fleet maintenance pros who don’t want to pay for extra parts or involve more people in the discovery process will find these innovations to their liking. Additionally, the latest fleet diagnostic tools can help fleet managers avoid incurring extra costs associated with problem discoveries.

Many online vehicle information platforms in the market today offer complete diagnostic and repair information for all Class 8 vehicle brands and models. These platforms provide technicians with a number of repair and service resources, including details on component diagrams. Truck maintenance professionals can save in-house discovery time because they now can use technology to determine whether or not their shop has the capability to repair a truck. These diagnostic platforms eliminate the need to take apart the vehicle and can accelerate the decision to outsource the repair, thereby saving diagnostic costs. Also, on the market today, are truck shop management software platforms that help repair shops run their business more efficiently and profitably.

When it comes to diagnosing specific parts, during the NACV Show 2019, attendees can preview a recently launched tire analytics platform that uses machine learning and proprietary algorithms to sense and diagnose tire issues. This is a real step up from using a pressure gauge or typical tire pressure monitoring system. The platform allows fleet maintenance managers the ability to be proactive and predictive when servicing their fleet’s tires. The power of active tire pressure management is combined with smart tire analytics, virtually eliminating unplanned downtime due to untreated tire leaks and underinflation. Additionally, tire pressure is actively measured and adjusted in real time.

To find out more about these innovative smart technologies, we encourage you to join us and commercial vehicle thought leaders at the NACV Show 2019 from Oct. 28-31 in Atlanta. You will experience the latest fleet maintenance technologies on the show floor.

Carmen Diaz is the show manager for the NACV Show.

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