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Trimble integrates TruckMate TMS with SMC³ Cost Intelligence System


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Trimble has announced the integration of its TruckMate transportation management software (TMS) solution with SMC3’s Cost Intelligence System (CIS), now a product of SMC3, formerly known as TCG.  According to Trimble, the integrated solution will enhance TruckMate users’ visibility into activity-based costing, analysis and reporting through SMC3’s CIS, benefiting less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers in particular.

Through the integration, Trimble’s TruckMate customers can get an activity-based costing solution that was previously not offered. The tool helps carriers see what their costs are to move each shipment so they can analyze what areas they’re most profitable in.

According to Trimble, benefits of the integration include:

  • Allowing Trimble’s TruckMate customers to get an activity-based costing solution that was previously not offered;
  • Simplifying the CIS installation process by eliminating some of the upfront programming that would normally have to do be done to get a carrier connected;
  • Giving small-to-medium-size carriers, who may have small IT departments, improved access to both technologies.

“By accessing CIS though Trimble’s TruckMate solution, LTL carriers benefit from unrivaled costing intelligence,” said Brian Thompson, CCO of SMC3. “Carriers can drill down to the shipment level of their operations and truly discover the keys to their profitability. Best of all, carrier integration is fast and easy, and once customers begin using CIS, they can benefit from SMC3’s broad array of LTL solutions for carriers.”



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