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Trimble announces new software capabilities and enhancements

Trimble announced the launch of new capabilities for shippers, carriers and service providers that delivers connectivity to Trimble’s transportation applications and solutions at Trimble’s 2019 in.sight user conference and expo.


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Trimble announced the launch of new capabilities for shippers, carriers and service providers that delivers connectivity to Trimble’s transportation applications and solutions.

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These new solutions are as follows, as described by the company:

  • Trust Center, a secure and centralized location for controlling data access allowed to visibility providers. Through the Trust Center, Trimble’s carrier customers can know which visibility providers will receive their data and which data they’ll receive.
  • Market Insights, an analysis tool that allows Trimble customers to view aggregated industry level pricing and transit time data.
  • Developer Network, a unified location for documentation and code samples, this allows customers and third-party visibility providers to use standardized automatic programming interfaces (APIs) for integrations with Trimble Transportation Management System (TMS) and Mobility platforms.

Software enhancements

Trimble also announced new modules and enhancements for its TMW.Suite, TruckMate and Innovative IES Transportation Management System (TMS) solutions.

New features highlighted by the company for multiple TMS solutions include:

  • Reveal with Power BI: Trimble’s transportation-specific business analytics platform is now powered by a Microsoft Power BI front end. The Power BI front end provides data visualization and reporting. Reveal is available for all Trimble TMS products and TMT SQL products.
  • D2Link 3.0: Trimble’s D2Link mobile data solution now offers mobile imaging and is available for both Android and iOS devices. In addition to being available for use with all Trimble TMS solutions, D2Link is also available for use with Trimble Oil & Gas Services solutions.
  • Driver Analytics and Retention: A predictive analytics module that uses TMS and telematics data to identify a fleet’s drivers who are most likely to voluntarily leave the company within the next 28 days, and provides customized recommended actions to help carriers proactively work to retain those drivers. This capability is available for use with Innovative IES, TMW.Suite and TruckMate.

Trimble also debuted several product-specific enhancements uniquely available for TMW.Suite, TruckMate or Innovative IES.


New for TMW.Suite users include:

  • Risk Management: A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based tool that combines TMS and telematics risk and safety data such as incidents, accidents, claims, violations, speeding citations and other elements.

New to the TruckMate platform include:

  • Container IQ: A cloud module that allows carriers to track containers in near-real time within TruckMate. Container IQ gives intermodal carriers integrated visibility to location and status of container availability when transported by railroad.
  • EDI Compare: An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) add-on module allows customers to compare EDI tendered loads and automate changes within set thresholds such as time or quantity.
  • Trimble Freight Link: A new module that allows carriers to provide dispatch information to third parties, such as owner-operators or 3PLs, while receiving updated information including GPS and load update information from those organizations. The module enables carriers to maintain records for customer service, while also allowing third parties to self-manage their loads.

New to modules within the Innovative IES platform include:

  • Lane Commitment Module: A cloud-based, multi-tenant solution that allows companies to specify contract commitments and lane preferences.
  • Innovative Brokerage: Newly consolidated brokerage user-interface screens allow for access and management of brokered loads and provide users with an ability to sort, filter and search, while also adding drag and drop functionality to the brokerage process in Innovative. Users can also track the progress of loads through stages and harness built-in printing of negotiation letters.
  • Agricultural Zone Billing: A solution that provides billing and carrier payment for logistics operations that utilize a zone-based approach to billing when hauling freight. This module will also work in a variety of zone-based billing circumstances.

Visibility tool access

In addition, Trimble announced that many of its carrier customers now have complimentary access to a selection of tools found in its Visibility platform. This new version of the Visibility solution uses data pulled from Trimble’s TMS and Mobility solutions to give carriers access to real-time freight tracking information.

This complimentary version is available for customers using a combination of Trimble Mobility solutions and any of the following Trimble TMS platforms: Innovative, TMW.Suite and TruckMate.


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