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Trimble introduces new TruckMate features, enhancements



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Trimble has announced the launch of a number of new features and enhancements for its TruckMate TMS solution, including ALK web services support, Trimble Mobility LTL enhancements and better dispatching tools, among others.

Two of the more prominent enhancements are the TruckMate Chassis AR/AP Management and the TM4Web modules. The enhancement to the TruckMate Chassis AR/AP Management module will help enable Trimble customers to better track chassis, invoice for rental fees and manage payables to the chassis vendors. The upgraded TM4Web module enables quicker invoicing processes, payment acceptance, settlement and fund deposits, while helping to reduce TruckMate users’ administrative costs.


Chassis AR/AP Management

The improved TruckMate module automates the chassis management process. This tool will aid users in managing chassis contracts, auto rate customer invoices and upload invoices provided by chassis provider. Additionally, TruckMate’s reconciliation tools help to spot discrepancies showing a side by side comparison of chassis pool bills against the outstanding customer bills, the company said.

The competitive advantage of this module is that users can manage chassis provider contracts, accounts receivable, dispute resolution and accounts payable all in one system, according to Trimble. This will help reduce the time employees spend using multiple systems to plan trips, bill customers and dispute charges.



With the enhanced TruckMate TM4Web module, users get an advanced set of customizable online tools that will help empower their customers to better manage their invoices. The online, web-based payment solution reduces costs by giving Trimble users’ customers the ability to manage their outstanding invoices. It also decreases the amount of time staff spends on the phone or processing bills from the mail, which allows them more time to work on priority customers, the company stated.

TM4Web online payment module makes it easy for customers of Trimble users to view outstanding invoices and make a payment online. Payments may be made using a credit card through a third party PCI compliant payment gateway.



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