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Truce software to help reduce distracted driving to debut on Geotab Marketplace


David Sickels is the Associate Editor of Tire Review and Fleet Equipment magazines. He has a history of working in the media, marketing and automotive industries in both print and online.

Truce, a solution designed to reduce distracted driving, will soon be available on the Geotab Marketplace, the companies announced.

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Through the integration with Geotab, fleet customers will be able to access Truce from within the Geotab platform to help eliminate mobile distractions and optimize usage across their workplace, the companies say.

According to the company, Truce uses contextual indicators to manage drivers’ access to particular mobile device apps at certain times. Utilizing Truce Software, Geotab customers are able to enforce their mobile use policies by managing driver access to particular mobile device apps at the right time, in the right place using intelligent contextual indicators, the companies say.

The data provided by Truce can also be combined with other Geotab data feeds on driving behavior to measure the impact of reduced device distraction behind the wheel. Customers can leverage alerts, reports and rules.

Truce helps to enable the proactive reduction of vehicle accidents without compromising employee productivity, privacy or blocking device and network access. The differentiation of Truce, the company says, is in the intelligent context the software gathers and uses to enforce customer mobile use policy. It automatically adjusts policy enforcement based on movement, proximity, location and other contexts enabling employee access to only the allowable device features, functions and apps.



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