Smile! You're on camera: How driver-facing cameras are impacting the trucking industry

Smile! You’re on camera: How driver-facing cameras are impacting the trucking industry

Every time we do a camera video, we get comments. Clearly some drivers aren’t too happy about cameras in the cab–believe it or not, we get why: The ‘big brother’ style of management is not one most people are fond of. 

But there are benefits. As a fleet manager responsible for spec’ing the equipment, it’s best to understand those advantages and how to communicate those with your drivers.

Monitor (and correct) unwanted driver behavior

When it comes to the significant weight  your drivers are hauling, you can never be too safe. Driver facing cameras gives you the opportunity to identify any unwanted behavior, such as distracted driving, while drivers are on the road. This allows you to correct and coach your team, promptly leading to improved performance and increased execution of safe practices. 

Get the full picture

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? Yes, while fleet managers are finding that the data streaming off the trucks is providing them with substantial detail as to what is happening in the cab, it lacks a certain authenticity that video proof can provide. When it comes to incidents, collisions, or conflicts, having a reliable stream of events could supply you with more information to consider that may not have been tracked by data points. Video evidence to reference leaves minimal room for misinterpretation by providing indisputable evidence. Driver-facing cameras will act as a significant resource by providing a detailed account of the minutes leading up to and following the incident and provides an additional layer of security should the need arise. 

Real time machine vision algorithms 

As time goes on, more and more algorithms are being developed to advance camera operations. Features that detect and alert drivers about suspected drowsiness or distraction are now being implemented into cameras to assist in correcting hazardous driving behavior and coaches drivers in real-time. 

Recognize and reinforce

Use it to identify and appreciate your top drivers. Through the use of positive reinforcement, the adoption of camera technology may be increasingly welcomed by your team. Whether it’s simply a recognition email or even some company swag, 

Whether you love it or hate it, the implementation of driver-facing cameras is changing the way fleets operate. If you’re thinking that this technology could be the newest addition to your team, opening a transparent line of communication with your drivers is the place to start. Being clear about what these cameras will capture and how they will help not only the fleet, but the driver too, may help to put your driver’s worries at ease. 

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