Are your truck drivers fleeting? Here are equipment-based driver recruitment tips

Are your truck drivers fleeting? Here are equipment-based driver recruitment tips

High turnover rates are unfortunately very common in the industry as a lot of different factors and a number of variables play into the overall retention rate for any fleet.

Don’t feel bad though! Retention and recruitment is an ongoing challenge impacting the industry as a whole. There are a few things you, as a fleet owner or manager, can do to help ensure that the drivers you hire to operate your trucks are more likely to stick around for the long-haul.

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Integrate driver assistance technology into your operations

Technology integrations  like predictive cruise control, automatic lane keep and ADAS not only keeps your trucks and their drivers out of harm’s way, it will also alleviate the pressure to do it all themselves thus making the shift more enjoyable and the assistance allows your drivers to stay focused on the road ahead of them.

Utilize routing to avoid burnout or other lingering concerns 

It’s safe to say that, at this point, data drives the industry. You might as well use it to your advantage! Keeping track of driver workflows and routes can help ensure equal and consistent duties while on the road. Burnout’s the prequel to resignation – appreciate your best drivers by ensuring time for rest. 

See the whole picture

The technology you integrate into your fleets is bound to have an impact on whether or not drivers stay or hit the road. In-cab camera technology provides an invaluable resource for managers to look back on should the need arise. 

Find coachable moments

There’s no such thing as the perfect driver. Training and open communication will be key to establishing expectations for driver performance. Extensive courses should be carried out during the on-boarding process to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding expected conduct and best practices.  

Recognize the achievements and loyalty of drivers

Performance recognition is essential if you want to keep seeing the trend continue. Engaging with your employees in a positive way includes more than just a paycheck to compensate for their work. Incentivizing safe practices by keeping track of driver data and setting goals to improve it will motivate your drivers to continue reaching new milestones. Benchmarks such as miles driven without any incidents or a ‘days without collision’ count will motivate your drivers to continue contributing to the growing numbers.                 

Encourage feedback regarding driver experience

“Communication is key” – it applies here too. The most reliable opinions come from the ones behind the wheel everyday. Taking all suggestions, comments and concerns into consideration will not only make your drivers feel heard, you may just come across your next ‘golden ticket’ idea to increase operational efficiency. 

These practices may not seem like much of a drastic change but it could mean the difference between searching for your next set of drivers and building a team of seasoned professionals for your fleet.

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