What's a truck e-inspection and how does it work?
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What’s a truck e-inspection and how does it work?

Jason Morgan is the content director of Fleet Equipment.


Truck technology advancements hold a multitude of opportunities and one major, common challenge: Change. What sounds great in theory takes a lot of time and energy to turn into a reality. Consider electronic inspections for trucks at weigh stations. Certainly digital vehicle inspection reports are well known to fleets, but when a truck pulls into a weigh station–streamlining the inspection process digitally means a transition for law enforcement and fleets alike. It’s that transition that Drivewyze is tackling with its e-inspection pilot program.

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The e-Inspection Expedited Inspection pilot program is currently operating in a phase one deployment that automates currently manual steps of CSA-crediting Level I-III inspections in station. Officers no longer need to collect all inspection information manually, nor do they need to manually enter the information into multiple screening and inspection systems.

For a deeper understanding of what that all means, how e-inspections actually work and where the program goes from here, I caught up with Sara Steele, product manager and director of compliance, Drivewyze. Watch the video above for all of her insight.

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