Mitchell 1 TruckSeries truck repair adds interactive wiring diagrams
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Mitchell 1 updates TruckSeries with interactive wiring diagrams


Jason Morgan is the content director of Fleet Equipment.

Mitchell 1 TruckSeries truck repair software was recently updated with interactive wiring diagrams that aim to increase efficiency as technicians can access component repair information directly from inside the wiring diagrams without having to initiate a secondary search.

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While viewing a wiring diagram, truck repair technicians can click on any component within the diagram to see a pop-up menu with selections to learn more about specifications, component location, connector views, guided component tests, and more. There is no need to exit the wiring diagram to find related information needed to diagnose the issue.


“Wiring diagrams have always been a feature that sets Mitchell 1 software apart from other suppliers of similar programs,” commented Ben Johnson, director of product management for Mitchell 1, during a press conference at the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition.

“Electrical diagnostics have become more challenging as commercial vehicles have advanced,” he continued. “At the same time, vehicle operators are pressed even harder in today’s environment to maintain maximum uptime. Facilities tasked with servicing commercial vehicles understand that completing the repair correctly and as quickly as possible is imperative to get the vehicles back on the road and generating revenue. The new interactive wiring diagrams in TruckSeries speed up the diagnostic process, helping minimize the time the truck is out of service.”


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The interactive wiring diagrams use patent-pending technology to build on the component-level enhancements introduced in 2019, including:

• Component names in the diagrams are active links that connect directly to complete component information.
• The ability to toggle highlighting of associated wires for each component without having to click each wire separately.
• A simplified view of complex diagrams with highlighting that extends across all the pages until the wire reaches its termination point.
• Zoom and orientation are maintained across multiple pages, streamlining navigation.
• When performing a deep dive into a wiring diagram, hidden wires appear faded but do not disappear entirely, providing detail while preserving the big picture view.


Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries offers comprehensive repair information software suite of its kind available for Class 4-8 trucks, providing all-makes data resource for mechanical labor estimating, diagnostic trouble code procedures and comprehensive repair information, all packaged into a single application. TruckSeries is integrated with Manager SE Truck Edition, Mitchell 1’s truck shop management software.

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