How sweltering summer heat can increase heavy-duty shop stress

How sweltering summer heat can increase heavy-duty shop stress

Don’t sweat it: We have ways to keep shop operations cool

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Heat pouring off of diesel engines and summer temperatures that continue to rise can make heavy-duty repair shops challenging environments for technicians and equipment alike. Heavy-duty shops are huge spaces that can be difficult to keep cool in the sweltering heat, which can lead to several issues, including heat-related illnesses among workers, reduced productivity, and potential damage to sensitive equipment. Repairing and maintaining heavy-duty trucks can be stressful enough without increasing the pressure with heat-caused fatigue.

As summer gets started, it’s important to consider affordable solutions for keeping your shop cool. Cool Boss portable evaporative air coolers, for example, could be a game-changer in keeping large spaces cool and safe, even in the sweltering heat. The all-new lineup of seven portable Cool Boss evaporative air coolers is designed to address the specific needs of large spaces, such as heavy-duty repair shops.

Cool Boss air coolers operate on the principle of evaporation. Plug one into a standard 110V electrical outlet, fill the reservoir with water or connect it to a garden hose for auto-filling, and turn it on. The coolers use a proprietary Blue Flex fan to draw in hot air through the back and blast out chilled air through the front. The axial-flow design of the fan and the flexing nature of its blades pull in more air at low RPMs, reducing engine drag at high RPMs for peak performance and cost-efficient operations.

The air moves through Honeycool evaporative media pads. These resin-covered honeycomb pads soak up cool water like a sponge, acting like a pre-chiller for the incoming air. When hot air passes through the Honeycool pads, the water evaporates, instantly dropping the air temperature by up to 26°F. Unlike traditional air conditioners, Cool Boss air coolers do not require expensive high-amp compressor motors, environmentally toxic chemicals, refrigerants, or installation.

The new models are equipped with oversized pumps and fan motors, as well as automatic low-level shutdown valves to prevent pump burnout, ensuring they can handle the demanding environment of a repair shop.

When you’re looking to cool down your shop, it’s important to consider the airflow and the areas that have the largest cooling needs. That can determine if you need a portable air cooler, a larger commercial solution like HVLS industrial ceiling fans or a mix of both. The Cool Boss lineup has all shop cooling needs covered with the  COOLBREEZE and COOLBLAST air coolers. The COOLBREEZE portable air coolers feature automatic swing louvers for complete control over where the chilled air goes. Their compact footprint ensures they can fit in various spaces without taking up too much room.

For more demanding environments, the COOLBLAST commercial-grade models have fixed louvers for precise directional cooling and are designed to maximize productivity. COOLBLAST air coolers come standard with exclusive convenience features, including an 80-watt outdoor-rated adjustable floodlight and a built-in Bluetooth audio player with stereo speakers.

All Cool Boss evaporative air coolers feature a soft-touch LED control panel, with some models offering remote control for maximum convenience. They can be used indoors or outside, so techs can stay cool and comfortable wherever they’re working.

For truck equipment managers responsible for the maintenance of heavy-duty trucks, investing in Cool Boss air coolers can provide numerous benefits. The ability to maintain a cooler work environment can lead to improved worker comfort and safety, higher productivity levels, and reduced equipment downtime due to heat-related issues. The cost-effectiveness of Cool Boss air coolers means that repair shops can enjoy these benefits without incurring significant operating costs. With the trend of rising summer temperatures, having a reliable and efficient cooling solution is no longer a luxury but a necessity for maintaining a productive and safe working environment.

Visit the Cool Boss website to learn more.

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