What's the trucking problem with your truck service process?

What’s the trucking problem with your truck service process?

Taking a practical view of truck service data and what it means to the repair process.

Chances are that one of the top answers to the headline question is: visibility. With trucks criss-crossing the country, it can be difficult to get a handle on what service is needed on which trucks and where they’re located. Now add in steadily rising truck service costs and you have a good case for boosting your truck service visibility and doubling down on preventative maintenance. In today’s trucking world, that visibility is driven by data.

It’s easy to talk about truck technology but a bit more difficult to actual understand it; to boil it down into actionable information that you can use. Luckily, I had the chance to wrap my head around it as the host of the Decisiv video podcast, What’s the Trucking Problem?, and I couldn’t have asked for a better guide than Decisiv President and CEO Dick Hyatt. We talk about everything from truck service data basics to how to bring all of that information into a truck service ecosystem that provides huge visibility into the service process. Binge upon the truck service content feast below and find your way to a deeper understanding of truck service data visibility’s power.

What’s the Trucking Problem? Episode 1 (Click to watch)

What’s the Trucking Problem? Episode 2 (Click to watch)

What’s the Trucking Problem? Episode 3 (Click to watch)

What’s the Trucking Problem? Episode 4 (Click to watch)

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