The tools to properly diagnose truck service needs to avoid a nightmare

The tools to properly diagnose truck service needs to avoid a nightmare

This Halloween, we thought we would share a tale fitting for the holiday—The Nightmare of Elm’s Fleet. Elm was a typical fleet owner. He strived for efficiency and considerable profit margins. When trucks rolled into his bays, he and his team of technicians serviced them so they were ready to roll in no time. But their efforts were all in vain.

Calls started coming into the shop left and right, breakdown after breakdown, tow truck after tow truck – what was going on? Was he cursed? Hexed? Haunted? 

Nope! Turns out he was just misinformed. You see, Elm was only utilizing one management software for his repair service process. And if you want to dispatch trucks fully repaired and ready for the road ahead, utilizing diagnostic tool management systems is something you have to do. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t what Elm did. He was unable to detect the root cause of technical issues because he wasn’t maintaining all aspects of his diagnostic tools. So even though it seemed like the trucks were ready for use, it’s only because underlying issues continued going undetected. 

If you want to reduce unexpected breakdowns and protect your bottom line, utilize a system that allows maintenance professionals to properly detect every issue on the vehicle. This allows you to improve the repair process and accelerate the triage process in your shop. 

Data analytics are a great first step to managing and maintaining all aspects of your service bay diagnostic tools.

Nothing is a threat to your profit margins / bottom line more than a false confidence in your fleet’s performance. Data Analytics can help you manage your service tools so that when the trucks roll onto the bays, you can repair both the expected and unexpected.

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