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Dana adds axle-focused maintenance and inspection videos to training series

The latest training topic to be added to the series covers steer axle inspection.


Managing Editor of Fleet Equipment Magazine

Dana Inc. announced that it has expanded its “Driveline Forensics” commercial-vehicle technician training series to include maintenance and inspection videos covering front non-drive steer axles and rear-drive axle carriers.

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The “Driveline Forensics” series is hosted by Cristy Lee, a technician, multi- media personality and motorsports reporter. The series features short training sessions that, while technical in nature, are designed with a unique, fun style to keep the audience engaged and eager to continue with more videos in the series, Dana says.

The latest training topic to be added to the series covers steer axle inspection. New courses coming in March include steer axle lubrication, drive axle inspection, drive axle carrier assembly removal and drive axle carrier assembly prep and replacement.

Dana will continue to expand the “Driveline Forensics” series throughout 2020. The videos are currently available here.

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