Success by the truckload: Truck technician training tips 

Success by the truckload: Truck technician training tips 

There’s a shortage in just about every aspect of every industry. Driver shortages, supply shortages, technician shortages, parts shortages – they are all plaguing fleet operations and slowing down the entire expediting process. The only thing the commercial industry isn’t short on is, well, shortages.  It’s extremely inconvenient, to put it nicely, but in every challenge comes an opportunity for improvement. 

And while there isn’t much you as a fleet operator can do regarding the state of the economy or industry conditions, there are some tactics you can implement within the walls of your company to ensure that the technicians you hire are able to go the distance. 

An environment in which your technicians can excel and advance is an aspect of employment a lot of prospective technicians will put at the top of the list. The majority are seeking a clean and organized place that allows them to do their job with minimal stress. Making your shop an attractive option for technicians looking for work requires much more than wage. While money is an important element to those seeking work, financial earnings is just one of the many facets for them to consider

Remaining up to date with the latest trends, practices and shop equipment will also be important to maintaining a suitable shop environment for the technicians you hire to work on your trucks. They will likely seek reassurance that they are entering into a workplace that encourages them to perform to the best of their ability. Policies should be in place across the board to ensure you are creating a comfortable, safe and consistent environment for them to come into everyday. 

The benefits you offer technicians through the on-boarding process will be the perks that keep them there for the long-haul. 

You’re probably competing with a lot of other shops looking to scope out talented technicians to service their trucks. So when it comes to recruitment, building relationships with local diesel and heavy-equipment programs will be your best bet. Typically, these institutions place a majority of their students in jobs before graduation and a good connection means you could be the first choice to employ top performers. 

The next generation of technicians are on the hunt for a job that best suits their professional needs. Providing them with the atmosphere and resources they need to excel will take them much further with your company than a just paycheck ever could. 

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