Five truck trend takeaways from August

Five truck trend takeaways from August

Football season is upon us and the grocery store aisles are riddled with back to school supplies. Nothing embodies the end of the summer season quite like it. As the busiest parts of the year start to approach, we want to make sure you are moving on down the road with us as we continue to uncover the latest trends and dive into the advancements permeating every aspect of the industry. Check out the most popular stories from the month of August that we think you’ll enjoy.

5. It’s electric, Volvo, that is

We’re kicking things off in a big way. As VTNA continues to cultivate sustainability through the use of their electric fleet, they held an event in Ontario, California, to provide an update on how things are going and how infrastructure continues to be developed. Get a behind-the-scenes look in this EV-focused content dump.

4. Something integrated this way comes

Can you sense it? It’s coming right for us and there’s no stopping it. We’re talking about decarbonization, of course. But this doesn’t always mean electrification. International has exemplified sustainable diesel performance with the introduction of their S13 Integrated Powertrain, the last diesel fuel engine they intend to develop. The engine, transmission and aftertreatment system were all built from the ground up simultaneously to ensure max compatibility and fuel economy.

3. Follow the Western Star

While we’re on the topic of diesel engine performance, let’s turn our attention to the new 57X – the latest addition to the Western Star X-Series. Compared to its predecessor, the 5700XE, the 57X is 5.8% more fuel-efficient making it the most fuel-efficient truck Western Star have ever built.

2. Cummins test drive: Everything but a diesel engine

Red engines are synonymous with diesel power plants, but when we visited Cummins, we drove everything BUT a diesel engine. We’re talking gasoline Cummins engines, natural gas engines, battery electric powertrains. There’s more going on at Cummins than meets the eye. Check out the test drives below.

1. Identifying the root cause

If you watch this video, you’ll learn a couple of things.

  1. Board games are not the way to go if you’re looking for team-building exercises.
  2. There are major benefits to cracking the diagnostic mysteries you come across, even if you don’t see it in the moment

Becoming a trained and seasoned professional takes time and, more importantly, experience.

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Five truck trend takeaways from January

Embrace the month and catch up on January’s popular stories and a bonus one too.

Transervice Logistics gets new VP of Northeast operations

Marc Fried will be VP responsible for maintenance and full-service lease operations in the Northeast.

How Decker Truck Line leverages technology to improve operating efficiency

Company ownership remains under the Decker family lineage with Dale Decker’s grandson, Donald, serving as chairman of the board and Donald’s son Dale enlisted as CEO.

Rockview Farms deploys Volvo LIGHTS project’s final two VNR Electric trucks 

Volvo Trucks deployed its first Class 8 Volvo VNR Electric trucks to fleet operators in 2019.

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